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Plamen Dobrev

World Championship 21662 [#122296] Looking For Managers

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Hello everyone.


I could sweet-talk you into all the reasons to join our GW, but I will be straight with you. There's four of us left and the world is about to be closed. We need your help in order to continue playing. Here's some more detailed info:


Name: World Championship 21662

ID: 122296

Available Clubs:

Division 1:

  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Internazionale Milano (Inter)
  • Chelsea
  • Juventus
  • Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Athletic Club (Bilbao)
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • PFC CSKA Moskva
  • Schalke 04
  • AS Roma
  • Sevilla FC
  • FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

Division 2:

  • AC Milan
  • Olympique de Marseille
  • SC Internacional
  • SSC Napoli
  • Villareal CF
  • Lille OSC
  • Olympique Lyonnais
  • Fenerbahçe SK
  • Valencia CF
  • Real Madrid CF
  • FC Rubin Kazan
  • Boca Juniors
  • AFC Ajax
  • SL Benfica
  • FC Porto
  • Sao Paulo FC
  • Santos FC
  • PSV Eindhoven
  • Estudiantes de LP
  • Celtic FC

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I would join if I could, but I don't have any open slots for a new team.  Here are a few tips, though.


1. Offer teams directly to your friends by simply clicking on the "Offer" button beside the team.  You then choose a friend to offer it to.

2. Advertise the game world in all of the different game worlds that you are already in.

3. Advertise your game world by sending direct messages about the game world to your friend's friends.

4. Send direct messages concerning your game world to other people in the game worlds that you are already in.

5. In the direct messages, tell them if their favorite teams are open.  You can see their favorite teams by looking at their profile.  Under their manager details, it says "Favorite team", and what their favorite team is.  You can also see which clubs they have the most of.


By doing this, I got all 8 needed slots filled with 5 of 12 days left.


Also, if your game world doesn't work out, then try again.  Don't give up.  I didn't know before that we were allowed to advertise our game worlds in the forum, so I guess I'll just do that now.  Join game world 258309.


Best luck, Sasho

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Believe me, I have considered the option of inviting friends, but that's hit a bit of an obstacle in the form of the fact, that over 7 years I have only acquired 24 of them, they are all Bulgarian, and half of them are inactive. There aren't that many of us anyway.


As far as inviting friends of friends, that sounds a bit too spam-like to me, but I guess under the circumstances, I have no other choice. Thank you for the advice. I'll put it to good use.

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