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Algerian Championship

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                     Algerian Championship 1


-The time has come to add Algeria in game worlds Soccer manager !


-I Suggest 1 division with 16 teams as in real life.

-I have already added several stadiums on soccerway.

-Big clubs like: JS Kabylie, ES Sétif, MC Alger, USM Alger, CR Bélouizdad... deserve their place in SM.

-1 Division with 16 clubs: 

ASM OranCR BelouizdadCS ConstantineDRB Tadjenanet, 1608.jpgES Sétif, 1634.jpgJS KabylieASO Chlef, 2272.jpgMC Alger, Paradou AC2273.jpgMC Oran MO Béjaïa 3326.jpgNA Hussein DeyMC El EulmaJSM Béjaïa 1930_1360227602.jpgUSM Alger, USM Blida, 2017_1338710402.jpgUSM El Harrach.





- I create a league, but not with these criteria:    Algeria LFP Mobilis ---> (ID:246368)






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PM me any players you add on SW, im an admin there i can help get them on the game, sadly not able to help as much with teams/stadium etc.


What is your Soccerwiki username?


Nice post, keep us up dated with the leagues best players, any transfers rumours, talents!

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Glad that it pleases! 

On SW precisely, I can't add players with my reputation & its not want to increase.. So, my username is: Koussaila

I hope that you could help me because you're an admin.


all you can do is vote on submissions, if they are approved i think you get points, if you can edit/add any other data like managers, staff, referees then that helps build your score.

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