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smfa competition


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Soccermanager please let us be able to select squad in smfa competition...over 80% of us in soccermanager are not gold member and only does that are gold member will be able to select squad this is not good enough. Even i have fed up with this game when it come to smfa competition we will try to qualify for the smfa if we are not a league contender then when that smfa start a small team will be beaten big team 8-0 which is not suppose to be please if you look at itsagoal.org, trophymanager.com they limit their subscribtion a manager will be able to participate in champions league please all smfa moderator i know you will see this message of mine please and please let us be able to participate in smfa competiion. The champions league is the most important match in football and you said you based it on real live game then we are not be able to participate in smfa competition please let us be able to be participate in smfa please all my fellowership what did you think about this please say the truth?

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