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  1. 1. How satisfied are you with the work SM has done since 6 months ago?

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One that is probably too late to do, but just maybe will work: How about listening to your user base on what they want, and setting realistic goals that could be achieved? I've been gone for a while, I've terminated my account with 15k SM credits in it a long time ago, and was just checking here for nostalgia, hoping that some things could be fixed, but everything I've seen today has no nostalgia of the past. All it has is protest that you, the devs, have failed to solve, and some cases, stirred it up even more. How about being honest, instead of going in the opposite direction? How about actually solving the problems that matter, and will ultimately save your user base? How about actually thinking first before you impact the game irrevocably? Maybe, just maybe, you'll actually solve your problems? I know I'm going to get warned or something, but I don't care. This is the truth. 


So maybe, this time, let's look at how people feel.

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I think that they do evrything with good intent and am happy to see some kind of development. Really remains to be seen how the new values will work out over time, and other improvements have been good. For me the new interface is the worst thing but you can use old so thats not too bad. All they would need to do to win my vote now is stop where they are and adress current issues like prize moneey not paid and toehr bugs etc. If they removed all the bugs and stuff we would be in a decnt place, im sure that would win wonton support amongst SM users. All we want is everything to work properly.

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I think players should be more resilient. They're getting too exhausted after every match. I enjoy rotating my team and admire the strategic necessity for a larger squad so I am not looking for a big improvement, just a small one. For eg.

If I have a cup tie coming up, it'll be sandwiched by two league games which constitutes a normal week in real life.

In real life a fit, non injury prone player can often play all games and most often a manager will just sub him off in 1 or 2 of the 3 games to play safe and that constitutes perfect handling where the player is about 100 percent by the next game.

In SM worlds, If a play my best players in the league game, they mostly don't make it to even 90 percent by the cup tie and I often need to sub them on because they're crucial or because I don't have a choice and then again they just can't play the next league game. It's a big problem because if I have an injury in defence then I have to use my subs to cover for that player and then my free kick takers and such vital players end up missing whole games

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I suppose SM are trying to encourage us to change our teams, which I do. I don't understand why SM insist on playing the Charity Shield games so close to the start of the season when in real life they are played a week before the opening league fixtures. Also why are Play Off games played so close together?


On a more general fitness related point, why do SM insist on dishing out 7 or 8 week injuries to players? It can totally ruin the game for you. I know in real life this happens, but this is a game that's meant to be fun to play. By all means give players injuries, but limit it to 2-3 weeks for the sake of player enjoyment.

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