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Unfortunately I have already bought players that Ruth wanted so you will have to make them work when their TB are up. Sure we can still smash the peasants that populate the rest of this GW and come out winners!


Regarding La Liga I actually don't really care which is the best league, I started off making comments in that thread to troll Metaphysical and Tupac. They were taking the whole "which league is better" a bit to seriously LOL. You just happened to bite and it would have been rude not to continue  ;)



I don't really care that much either, Although I'm opinionated on the subject. 


Who are the players? just so i know, you can pm me in game btw, and I'm sure I can make it work. 

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No worries mate thanks for your interest.

With Jonny in, we're guaranteed to have some top notch moaning in the setup's newsfeed. 

I'm not paired up yet

Nah, I'm the Portuguese Moyes.  B)


PS: Jamie, why on earth do you want LVG out now?

Aren't you a Stoke fan?  :P


I am and I am loving LVG's work at United LOL


I am just helping out my good buddy Talentsearcher in spreading the word, he likes to repeat the same phrases each week. Just being a good helpful forumer lol

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Morning all, i need a serious manager who will take over AS Saint-Etienne as my sister club. In short,  im the minnow club and can only buy players off St etienne. with over 100 million in the bank we can get some serious transfers and loans completed in time, but without a manager i can do nothing. so, if your serious please apply to the game owner.

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