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Serial cheating: please save Spanish Championship 2 (ID 8557)

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Dear SM, please save Spanish Championship 2 (ID 8557). There is a manager that has dozens of teams and he is destroying this game world with absurd deals and fixed matches.

RC Deportivo (Marcos Senna), CD Castellon (mariano rodriguez), Villarreal CF (Jorge Gonzalez), RCD Mallora (Jurgen Klopp), UD Almeria (Miguel Martinez), Celta Vigo (Johnny Cloaca), Real Murcia (Carlo Ancelotti), Salamanca AC (pep guardiola hijo de puta), Granada CF (Mamadou sakho): all these accounts are definitely linked to just one person. Whenever a manager leaves, this cheater creates a new account to take control of the unmanaged team.

I have already reported this in-game but SMFA was removed just an account and after few days the cheater has taken over that team with a new account. You must to ban his IP from this game world.

Some honest managers are thinking to leave this game world if the situation will not be remedied.

Please save Spanish Championship 2 (ID 8557).

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