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for the last 18 games i use the GK that had concerns! he was on level 2 concerns cause he wasnt playing... and today he got a level 3! I thought after so many games he would be level 1! what i have to do?



Just continue to play him as much as possible.

He is still getting concerned even if you keep playing him, because you haven't played him enough before to reach the minimum % required even counting the current period. If even by keeping him playing he still reachs level 4, prepare to sell him.

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Here is a quote from another topic by Nico66, addresses this issue perfectly - 



It depends on how much he played before he developed his level one concern.


For example, say Oblak believes he should play 75% of the time.  If you only played him in 10 out of 20 games then, because he has only played 50% of the time instead of the 75% he wants, he will develop a level one concern.


You then decide to play him in every match.  However, 17 games later, when the concerns are next calculated, despite playing every game since, he still has not achieved 75% (10 + 17 / 37 x 100 = 73%).  So he develops a level 2 concern.


If you do the maths on Oblak I am pretty sure you will find something similar.  If you are lucky and keep playing him then eventually he may hit the 75% (or whatever it is) and start to clear his concerns.

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