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What is going on with soccermanager???


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Please SM. Pause your "anniversary updates" whoever is making you do these its going terribly and you WILL NOT see another anniversary again at this rate


I'm trying to desperately find out if a league i'm in and have been in for the last 3 years is going to close. I've been told "anything less than 2 will close the league" to then be told "anything less than 5 is gonna close the league!!" to then be told "anything less than 2 is gonna close your league!"


I've tried to get 7 friends involved but theyve gone "soccermanager sounds like its on its way out if its totally conflicting what its saying i'll leave that!!"


The new interface is a disaster. Slow and painful. Designed by someone new into your organisation i guess??


i own my own league but my friends are leaving as they think the information coming out of your company currently in terms of its future is pretty lousy. By the way what HAVE YOU DONE to the old forums? again youre trying to better things with no interaction with your users and instead shoving these disasters onto us to then "feed back".


Again this is a terrible way to do things.


I want to buy a particular league off you which you now claim (after saying it wasnt shutting) that it will. Make your mind up is it 2 players or 5 players. sort out those bugs please youre losing players. can i buy this league or not??


can i email you comments or do you respond to people on twitter?? so far you only reply to people you want.


I love soccermanager but youre on the road to extinction. Pause all these "restarts" youve got ie lack of communication about how many users are needed, ie restarting old leagues for no reason and old users lose all their triumphs. Youre losing a lot of people. 


"johnny you won the league 3 times there but now its gone"

"oh well lol"


THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. youre losing your old fan base. PAUSE these reboots and answer our questions please!!!

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i agree i lost a world i was in recently too i had a good team and won was told it was being closed and i also have another saying the same with two players left i don't know whats happened but it seems the game isnt as popular as used to be for whatever reason .

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The reason is plain to see, it's the updates...


...I've had many friends over the years quit, due to losing interest in SM, like you vincerooney.


Sad to see them go, but they've left for numerous reasons, but the main one, was always SM's lack of direction, and just in general the whole game was very stale.


When you won, you won money...cool...money I can spend on what? Players, haha, ya right.


P/E rule, which kills transfer markets. Everybody wants the 2 for 1.


So when SM finally suckered you into getting GM Days, and you get into GC1, and GC12 and GC14, when they were first opening, but then realized, you couldn't do anything! Without having to give up an arm and a leg. So teams became stagnant.


Of course there were the managers that spent the time, buying up youth players and what not, that eventually turn out to be something, but the majority want good players now, and to not have to spend the time doing that.


I'm not one of them, because I love the scouting aspect too of SM, and I also assume many forumers aren't either and like that too, because we spend our time talking about a computer game online, and that's a whole other aspect that I think SM really missed out on, was the community aspect of it.


I want to play with friends, and other managers. I want the speed of the game, ramped up, so that I can get around much easier. Not slower, with the new update.


Simple things, that they've turned a blind eye on, for flashy colors and weird updates, over and over again.

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I agree 100% with this, the new interface has not ruined the game but it's certainly made it worse. I've been playing this game a few years now and I still enjoy it as much as I started, but I really want the old interface back. This new interface is far to cartoon like and silly the old interface was easier to navigate and also a hell of lot quicker to get your things done.. I also think there's still a few issues within the game world they need to tighten up on aswell and my biggest problem has always been player ratings, but I guess that's just a matter of opinions!

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