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Im not actually sure if this is built into the current game engine or not.

I am guessing it isnt.


But wouldnt it be good, if Your selected penalty taker had a better chance of success from all penalties if he had "taking penalties" as a green attribute in Soccerwiki?


Or you were more likely to score from corners, if you selected someone like Xabi Alonso to be your corner taker. (he has 'corners' listed as a green attribute in his SW profile)


Or even will your team perform better if you select a Captain, who actually captains his side in real life. (and thus will probably be reflected on the SW profile page for that player)

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I think it is that way. Ronaldo, Marco Reus, Bale, those proven free kick takers always score more often than others. thats what the ratings are for, I think they use the same ratings as in SM 16 with the exception of those that are updated and has effect in game engine.

Anyway, I don't know this for sure, be glad if someone confirmed it

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