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Carlos Trapiello

I can't resolve players concerns

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I want to resolve a player concern about his lack of games played but I can't.


I clic on the player card and on the actions button there is no option to do it.


Could anybody help me?. It's urgent, this player has a level 4: major concern.


Thanks in advance.




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I find concerns sum up sm's competence.

It is a good idea that works  if you are hoarding players or not logging in enough but there is a huge problem that has been around for far too long and should have been sorted out a long time ago.

More of a problem for those with lower rated teams, when a player gets a decent rise which suddenly makes him a first team player, he is then judged to have been that rating all season so becomes unhappy soon after his rise, there is no allowance that for the first half of the season you couldn't play him because he was rated so low.

If only sm could have had the mentality to fix all these problems before embarking on the big shiny embarrassment we have now.

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