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"30 accounts in the Wonderland"... a little fairy tale about cheating...


How to reduce cheating?  

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  1. 1. Should SMFA increase the cheaters' punishment?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Should a 20 weeks total transfer ban to accounts involved in multiple accounting be the minimum punishment?

    • Yes
    • No
    • SMFA should simply close the cheater's accounts

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Once again, another topic about this "little" problem...



Let's say there's a "manager" that built a dream team in just few days.

Let's say this awesome "manager" is such a really good negociator that he bought all his squad for minimum cash or even included some very weak players. Then this "manager" sold all his weak players for maximum cash.

Is he some kind of magician?

The new Houdini?



No surprise, so what's the problem?


Well, I met another of these morons from the SM dark side that is really annoying..


This cheater created more than 30 fake accounts... all removed by SMFA, but guess what, he creates new ones almost daily...



I'm tired of being the nice guy that cares about the game and its integrity, wasting some of his time reporting this kind of scumbags.


So, could anyone please explain us this: if SMFA is overloaded with cheat reports and even after more than 30 accounts got removed by SMFA, how can the cheater's main account remain unpunished?



Is that so hard to just apply The Terms of Use and close the cheaters accounts?

Do you need a volunteer to apply this?



SM should really be aware that cheating really harms not just the game but also its business.

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Quite a tough one really - if you close their account, they'll just make another one.

It's a shame that manage rep means so little in this game, so starting a new account with low rep doesn't have any effect at all, especially on someone who's desperate enough to cheat that they create 30 accounts.

It should have been set up a long time ago that you need high manager rep to manage the bigger clubs, problem is that would have affected their revenue stream with new players unable to jump straight in to bayern, barca, real, etc, so no point paying to reserve clubs.

That's the problem when you put money ahead of the basics, there's never been a solid foundation or set of rules to enforce at even the lowest level to prevent this kind of abuse.

It encourages short term thinking - get a big club, buy the highest rated players, lose all your games because you have the managerial nous of a salty slug, quit club, start over at the next available big club.

If it had been set up to encourage long term commitment - start small, learn the game, maybe even build a small club into a big one over years rather than weeks - you'd get people invested in the game, more willing to pay to enjoy a balanced, fair game with likeminded people, and less likely to attract cheats because they can't just jump in and grab the big clubs and best players straight away.

I honestly think that the setup of the game actually encourages cheating for people looking for a quick way to build a strong team. The fact that there's sod all in the way of punishment doesn't help though.

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