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The Battle of Britain

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Nevermind, I guess I really don't need to work things out on here per say.


Maybe just a few pm's if we are trying to figure out which team to steal seats from.


Also, I guess there is no loaning of Tier 1 players to Tier 3?

You could always PM him in-game when the game starts :)

There is. You can loan one player from a tier 1 team.

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Not sure how active Adam is on the forum, but he's a good guy so I'm happy to pair up with him.


As for region, Red Rose is good. I get the beast Heskey!

He plays another game that you signed up to but never sheeted for matches, FFO. Probably easiest to get to him there, I'll let him know that you are partners.
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footballz and Super Mario - Farmer Country (Southend and Brighton)

Tranmere and Nikidinho - Caledonia (Aberdeen and Rangers)

Red4Star and Pedro Oliviera - Rainy Central (Burton Albion and Nottingham Forest)

Adam Rosenthal and Rahul Warrier - Red Rose (Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers)

Whisperr and Stridex - The Capital (Millwall and Fulham)

Adis Begic and Michael Hudson - White Rose (Barnsley and Middlesbrough)

Altai Barron and Barca Kes - The Wild West (Plymouth and Bristol City)

JonnyRed and HD King - The Great Dragon (Newport County and Cardiff City)





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Wasn't it supposed to be managed, by a manager, the Tier 1 Team. Going to be hard to loan players out from Tier 1 when they are computer, right?

Well that's mucked it up. What I could do is put in one of my caretakers if you want to loan a player. If you do want to, just announce t here or on the news feed and I will loan him out.

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That's poor timing....but moving on while we secure 2 more is it worth changing partners for the 2 that left or just leave as is?

Well there's a week before season actually starts, so I'm sure it won't be a problem getting managers in. However, if we do ultimately need my caretaker accounts, the partner managers can just PM me the tactics they want to play for the upcoming match.

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