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OK. this is the situation. I have a good team, i can say. 14 players over 89 and 6 to 8 players 88 and around 70 players on youth team. I make several deals for season, selling or swapping my first team players and normally I like to buy a young player when I know him and I believe he can make someday part of my team. That was difficult, but sometimes I get the player.


Nowadays, It is impossible. I have Pogba, Verratti, Neymar and Aguero and with this 4 players are more than 200M of team value. It is not fair, if to get someday a players I have to sell some of these players to have a more equilibrate team value, compared with other teams.


I make an offer and I'm always get beat by the same teams. They buy every single new player on the setup. Some teams have a 84-85 rating team, by their option and have team of +225 players. This is not real. Young players go to every team, and normally go to the ones with more money power or the top teams. Here I have 500M to buy ''cigarettes or coca-cola''. In competitive worlds, ALL the <21 years old players are on teams controlled by managers. And almost 75% of the managers don't know what they buying. They buy because is young and well, maybe I'm luck and I will get the new Messi.


My suggestion is to limit the teams to buy 1-2 new players added to the database for week, for example. Therefore team A could buy a player on Monday or they could wait until Friday or Saturday to buy this player. Or choose another player. Team B could fight for the same player or go for a third player. It might be fair that this actual situation and could help some teams, that are not always in ''new players section'' to have the opportunity to buy some young player sometimes.



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Is it not easier to just max bid on the young players added you want? A big club can bid the same amount as a small one now its no longer affected by your squad rating. 


With the new wage values any manager with a large squad will be limited who they can add over time through finances. 

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It is infuriating that all free agents seem to go to the same clubs but thats not a new thing. Since the changes they just now go to a different small group of clubs. There needs to be a greater distribution of players. SM Steven bangs on about researching players but theres little point in that if one or 3 teams are bulk buying free agents on mass. Every team in my opinion should have a Super bid which beats all other bids but they can only use it once in a season. You'd have to be selective in your choices then and stop this game ruining speculative bulk buying.

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