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Zilker Premier League = A Wage Bill Custom

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Ah cmon Rahul!

The Cottagers have Announced, they have brought in a big name manager, Jess Jobe, to come take over at the helm!


They are excited to see what he can bring, in this new Zilker Premier League.


We caught up with Jess, for a few questions, at his very relaxed press conference...




He said, that he's very excited for this opportunity, and that he's always wanted to live in London. Plus, to be managing one of his favorite clubs, just makes this job, even more sweeter. He can't wait to get things going.

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Gameworld going along nicely. The managed clubs dominating the top positions across the 5 Divisions.

Well the last time I came on here I had a big match with River Plate in A few days.

Here I go again.

Currently in 3rd in Division one, wages kept under 500,000. 10 points behind leaders.

Looking forward to SMFA shield next season

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Seems as if everything is running smoothly here, after a few weeks of getting adjusted to the rules.


Thanks again everyone for your interest in this league.


When in doubt, check the front page, to make sure you aren't breaking any rules.


When the season is winding down, I'll start doing some calculating on where the wages will increase or decrease!




Also, any new managers interested in a concept like this, check out the first page, and apply.


I'll get with you in SM about all the rules and what not.



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