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Replacement for Matic - Gundogan, Andre Gomes, or someone else?

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Hi guys, I'm assuming that Matic will get a downgrade in the near future after his and Chelsea's poor season and so I'm thinking of selling him. 


Who should I buy to replace him? 


I currently have Verratti as my other starting CM, with William Carvalho as backup.


Pogba, Kroos and Vidal are taken. Khedira is available but I'd prefer someone young, with more potential.


The best options I can see are Gundogan or Andre Gomes, who would you go for out of these two?

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hey mate,.these could help you,.look they are both similar case,.both of the player have the same appearances with their clubs (leagues ) i don't know their european games,.but am sure they are in the starting 11 . Andre gomes has 2 goals and 2 assists in the liga bbva and Gundogan has 1 goal and 3 assist. So bassicaly they are the same.BUT there is some differences,. Andre gomes is also in the international team first choices ..Gundogan not. Valencia is not going well as team in liga BBVA ,on the other hand..a little impossible but Dortmund are racing with Bayern. So mate they are both a risk..so unless there is anyone else available,.you gotta just  pick one,.if you ask me,.Gomes is a great prospect,.but not this year maybe,.Gundogan if not a raise,.he is a 91 rated player.


so i hope this helps.. 


p.s if you are looking a hot prospect midfield..if he is available,.go for DAHOUD,.gladbach..!!

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Consider Dele Alli or Ngolo Kante if you want a cheap CM who will not only rise big but is worth holding on to long term. If you are looking for more established (it wont be long until Kante and or Alli are 89ish) Maybe consider Koke. Otherwise Denis Suarez also looks like he might become something. Hope this helps

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