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Connect Game Worlds

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I don't do Connect game worlds any more but when I did you had to join an existing game world and wait for it to fill up with other managers before it opened. They are even more bonkers than 'normal' game worlds, I had a terrible team in one world and they got promoted a couple of times and beat way better teams on a regular basis. I suppose if you want to play a game every day then fair enough, but then why not play the single player game instead?

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The Dingo knows. 

These worlds throw up mad unpredictable results even more so than the 'normal' game. 

The one thing 99% of us want is realism. 

I agree, if you want a game a day play the single player...but if you're doing that? Why not just play FIFA on a consul?! 

You'd actually get more realistic results in my opinion! 

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