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How to counter 4-3-3B Barcelona

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This is my Dortmund team:



Leno (90)



Castro (90)

Piszczek (91)

Hummels (93)

Subotic (92)

Sokratis (90)

Schmelzer (9)



Sahin (91)

Gundogan (91)

Kagawa (91)

Mkhitaryan (91)

De Bruyne (93)

Blaszczykowski (90)



Reus (94)

Aubameyang (92)


I will be coming up against a Barcelona which plays 4-3-3 B and normal tackling/attacking/short passing/mixed/fast tempo/all over pressing.


How should I set up my team to counter this?



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433wingers, defensive mentality, aggressive tackling, fast tempo, press all over, mixed passing, attacking style down both flanks. Use as playmaker Gundogan in DM position (DLP).

In this way, your team will put pressure on his players to counter his tiki taka, and also create a central wall that will force the opponent to attack on your flanks in which you can recover the ball easier ("achique lateral"), pass the ball to your DLP and start a fast counterattack on them. If you are losing at half time, then switch to a very attacking mentality.


Good luck!

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