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Goalkeeper dilemma


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Is it worth investing in a good goalkeeper?


Most of my teams are very strong outfield, so in most matches, I concede very few shots on target. However, despite dominating games, recently I've noticed a trend in which my goalkeeper faces 1 or 2 shots on target, and concedes as many goals: this has often led to me dropping points, especially when the other GK has a 10/10 MoM performance. 


Now here's the thing: this has happened most to my teams with Neuers, slightly less so to my teams with De Geas, and very rarely with my weakest team with Bravo (which only conceded 17 goals in 38 games, including in a 5-1 loss to the champions). I have the same tactics with all these teams, and match stats tend to be similar. 


I have the opportunity to upgrade this Bravo to a De Gea, or maybe even Keylor Navas (who I think should rise soon). Is it worth the investment, especially when I could upgrade other areas of the pitch? 

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I personally believe that your average starting 11 is most important so the higher the goalkeeper rating the better.


Dont pay much attention to match ratings for goalkeepers. Quite often I'll win 5-1 and my keeper will get a 5 rating whilst the opposition will get a 9 despite conceding 5. Its the silly way goalkeeper match ratings seem to work in SM now.

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