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Jonathan Soriano, the goalgetter in Austria

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So lets talk about Jonathan Soriano, currently under contract by Red Bull Salzburg, El Capitano.


He joined Salzburg in January 2012, and since then he achieved the following:


  • Austrian League Championship:  2012201420152016
  • Austrian Cup Winner. 201220142015, 2016
  • Spieler der Saison in Österreich2013/142014/15, 2nd best player 15/16
  • Best Goalgetter in the Europe League: 2014 (8 Goals)
  • Best Goalgetter in the Austrian League Championship: 2014 (31 Goals), 2015 (31 Goals), 2016 (21 Goals)
  • Best Goalgetter in the Austrian Cup: 2015 (7 Goals), 2016 (9 Goals)

With 109 goals in the Austrian League Championship he became the most scoring goalgetter in the history of our League, in just about 4 years. 

I think its time to raise his rating to 89, even 90/91. Even if he plays in a low league like Austria, his skills are extraordinary and he absolutly deserves a raise of atleast +2.


What do you think about Soriano ? 

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