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Changes for returning player.


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Hi Everyone,


I started playing SM in 2006 when it was just released and played it for years. I stopped p[laying a few years ago when it got a bit repetitive and stagnant, and i wasn't a fan of some of the changes.


I am looking to get back onto it again. I was just wondering if people could inform me of some of the major changes that have taken place for Soccer manager 'worlds' since i played last, about 1-2 years ago



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Changes I can think of off the top of my head:


Automatic stadium increase - clubs with smaller stadiums that do well now get an automatic increase in stadium size. Smaller the stadium, larger the increase. Eg, My Charlton team started with 27000, over 2-3 seasons of winning D1, is now up to about 42000. However, finance wise, small clubs are still seen as small clubs - merchandising and other income doesn't appear to increase to match big clubs.


Finances - general changes to income from winning cups and leagues, seem to be larger, however player salaries were also increased quite massively, so the prize money only offsets a high wage squad if you win :)

Player values were also changed, believe 120k is now the cheapest, not 8k, and high rated players gained quite a bit of value.

Young players and players with "potential" (no idea who decides this though) are often valued more highly than "normal" players of the same age and rating.


Concerns  - changed very recently, now impossible to keep a lot of high rated players happy, as they all expect to play at least 80% of the matches.  Snuck in with no warning, so people ended up with 10-15 L1 concerns from nowhere over the course of a few days. Designed to stop hogging all the high rated players, good idea but just implemented badly and with no warning.

Doubly bad as players with concerns now have a lower value, so many squads were looking at selling off players with concerns for a lower value.


Match engine - changed around Dec '15, generally observed as another f'up, now tactics seem to mean nothing and it's generally all down to the highest rated team winning all the time. May have been silently tweaked again recently as tactics do seem to have a little more of an effect again, but in general higher rated teams seem to win most of the time.


Ratings - think these were probably messed up when you left, but there's no schedule any more, seems to be almost random at times, small clusters of a league get done but lots and lots of players are missed out. Half-ar$ed, basically, like a lot of SM stuff. Couple of good nagging threads where overlooked players are listed, but it's a bit like pi$$ing into the wind.


SM admin - we think they've visited the Bermuda Triangle. Very few responses to anything any more, bug tickets and cheating reports in game get the standard canned response, announcements about changes now seem to be done via Twitter and some blog, rather than through the forum or game interface.


Anyone got anything else to add, not sure if I've missed anything else major out.


Unfortunately, as you can see, most changes aren't looked upon too favourably. It's the secrecy and hidden tweaks that annoy players most, there's no transparency to any changes or updates any more, so most things come as a surprise, and no-one really enjoys the kind of surprises SM have been dishing out recently :P

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Oh good god, how could I forget - the interface!


The god awful, useless, laggy, slow loading, annoying, designed by a 3 year old with some clipart and crayons new interface.


That they push and push and push almost every login.


"Hey, we've designed a new interface, check it out"



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Ok. Thanks a lot for your response.


Its really gutting to see a game that a i loved such much growing up make such a downward spiral. The one change that really gets me is the loss of a ratings change schedule. I remember keep on checking the schedule when i was younger, and getting excited when it was coming round to the big leagues like BPL and LBBVA. One change that really got me and gets me is the change to joining a new setup, and the amount of new set-ups that where created. No longer can i easily find a setup that has just started and join it. Look sot me that the only real way of doing it is to pay for a club.


I still may try and get back into it, as i say, it took up so much time when i was younger, and i have so many great memories of the game. I'm guessing their misson of "Creating the best online football manager game and let everyone play it for free" is no longer the case, and that may be detrimental to the game itself. 

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