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What's with SMFA transfer rules?

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Publish yournew transfer rules!! It should be clear!!

After 9 years, I playing this game, this is the moment of THE WORST ever. Your new UI have slow response, while hybrid cloud were always use in this era.

I CANNOT make anybid to/from "OWNED CLUBS"? What the heck is this?

This is the first time ever happen to me. I can make a bid to/from "Unmanaged clubs" only?

I tries some methods also not work :

1. From lowest to highest player's value.

2. From lowest value +3M until +10M.

3. From highest value -5M until -15M.

4. Swapping players.

5. Include some players to swap plus money.

What should I do? I always swapping players every new season, between players who have similar rating.

whats with your new rule? I never cheat, I always have squad balance.

Now your new rule that make players so easy unhappy making this game damned busy, but your new UI have slow respond (opposite). I could manage a club in 5-10 minutes in old UI.

FIX your transfer rule & focus on cheater who like COLLECTOR of high players.

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Why still happen this situations until now? Not just to me, but almost all my friends also. Too many problems with your new update. The game were really sucks now. The best online game 5-10 years ago, but now become the worst.

There still some cheaters doing transfer from their clubs, but they could make succeed transfers many times, but for me and friends who playing season after season were blocked by your damn SMFA rules!! This situation make us feel like we were the cheaters? Really, this your best effort? I never cheat, I usually made 1-3 transfer in early seasons, and maybe 1-2 transfer in middle of game for backup players (rating <86) if that necessary because injuries.

What we should do? Make report one by one & waiting for what? Your not capable & not competent handling this complex issues. Not all of manager were stupid & wait until 1 or more years again to have your game stable.

Make it this transfer issues were clear & work smart!!

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