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The recent changes in the UI updates have drastically seen the chat feature suffer due to the changes & I had just wanted to post to see if the majority of users also felt as such & therefore could be reverted back to how it was before.


In the changes the chat box itself has become smaller & for me personally has made it impossible to see messages that are less than 6 characters & even when they are 6 characters long I usually have to try & copy & paste the message into the text box to be able to read them. Additionally when sent a full message I am still often unable to read the full message text as some on the right hand side of the box disappears or rather goes off the side of the box screen & therefore cannot be read.


There has also been an update in the past 24 hours or so on the 'Who Is Online' box where it now lists all clubs alphabetically & by league rather than by the managers online being at the top & furthermore the managers that you usually contact on the chat feature being at the top but under those online which was far better. The update has made is ridiculously frustrating to try & find the manager you want to chat to.
I personally believe resizing the chat box & returning to the 'Who Is Online' box to showing those online at the top first, followed by the managers you frequently chat to but are offline underneath is a much easier system in terms of navigating around & I'm sure most would agree.
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In social game worlds which these days are few & far between & furthermore often custom worlds the chat feature is used frequently & it's current state is off putting, many people are resulting to using Skype or Facebook messenger to avoid using it which is so unnecessary on the part of SM making minor fixes.

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