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Dilemma - in order who is the better young right back

These are the ones available in my game world (I'm after a back-up to carajaval)

Clyne (Liverpool) 90

mario gaspar (Villarreal) 89

Durm (Dortmund) 88

Hysej (Napoli) 88

Vrsaljko (sassulo) 88

Weiser (h berlin) 87

Cancelo (Valencia) 85

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The younger, won't complain as much about playing time.


Plus, he'll for sure be in store for a few more ratings changes, and you could make a profit.


None of those, will ever be better than Carvajal at the moment.


Clyne has a chance to be your number 1, if Liverpool do anything in the Premier League next year.


But, I'd stick with Carvajal, and go with Cancelo as a backup.

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