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ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP 1 (Reduce the log-in time to 14 days!)

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After much discontent by all the active managers in EC1, we would like the log-in time reduced to 14 days.


The game world is clogged with inactive managers that log-in only once every 31 days and never get involved with transfers.


We feel that this would get some of the massive waiting list of managers that want to get in this set-up a chance and improve the games world at the same time.

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Indeed one of the things that is hurting EC1 is the huge number of inactive managers.


There is a big group of managers that does the login from 30 in 30 days only to keep the team. They have zero activity in the GW.


I don't know if reducing the login time to 14 days will help, but at least all these people would have to setup the alarm for twice a month. Maybe with time we can see some of them dropping their teams.


There's a great interest from quality active managers on getting inside EC1. With things as they are it's too difficult for that refresh to happen.


Please take this into consideration and help us improve EC1.



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