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1 hour ago, MagnusCarlsen said:

Promes is the worst player  I've ever seen in a shirt of Dutch national team. Spartak is the perfect club for fat face Quincy. A team full or garbage and lunatics

Thank you for your well constructed, enlightened and informative contribution.

Even though 89 is the cap for the RPL I thought that Promes might get a +1 to reflect that he has been one of the leagues best players for a couple of seasons now.  Especially as Dzagoev is also rated 90 and when Smolov got his rise I was even more convinced it might happen but clearly not.  

I don't think we can call this the rating travesty of the season though lol!

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You should see a doctor mate, it's amazing what they can do for you these days  

With regards to @hoochy koochy's post, I agree that this has become a catch-all thread for deals, buy/sell/keep and new players etc. I can understand why people would post questions that are unrelated

Brazil 50 Players, enjoy! Bruno Pacheco Age: 25 Position: D , DM, M ( L ) Club: Atletico Goianiense Rating: 77 Predicted rating: 80 Started 29 games. Correa Gilvan Age

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17 hours ago, TMCosta said:

Sell Yeray...the cancer is back :(

Wait for some time, he's a brave man, he'll come back, plenty of time 

8 hours ago, Hail Mary said:

Yes because Promes missing out on his +1 is as bad as cancer. You're not the brightest spark are you? 

wow, he's comparing poor Yeray's situation to Promes' rating on a game. Sad really.

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On 6/22/2017 at 9:01 AM, arsenalrocs said:

Think Golovin should have gotten 86. Subsequently, Kutepov couldn't have gotten a +3 as it would have been a joke to rate him above Golovin.

Up next: Belgium

List of Belgium risers: http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158764-worldwide-risers/?do=findComment&comment=3174243

Also, Erik Majetschak added today. Transfer rumours about Barca and City being interested.

Finally : )

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12 hours ago, Afi said:

Should A.Herrera get a rise in next review?

Too early to tell

8 hours ago, kylepearson said:

Does anyone know any solid risers I can get for 100k? 

Ian Harkes and Alex Crognale (bargain for 38k) from this list: http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158764-worldwide-risers/?do=findComment&comment=3183039

Kortne Ford, Nick Lima (mentioned by muallan) and Julian Gressel (mentioned by mullan)

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