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You should see a doctor mate, it's amazing what they can do for you these days  

Some of the stuff you see on here is honestly absurd, this second time i've now seen you have a go at someone because of ratings lol, if people come on here and provide threads for the benefit of hund

With regards to @hoochy koochy's post, I agree that this has become a catch-all thread for deals, buy/sell/keep and new players etc. I can understand why people would post questions that are unrelated

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22 hours ago, Monolithic said:

Plenty of nothing risers in Sweden today which again makes you wonder why they bothered with the review.

The likes of Rakip, Brorsson, Dagerstal and Sema should all get a +2 to 82 though.

Sweden probably completed today with all of these guys getting their rises.

2 hours ago, kylepearson said:

Brorsson 80 -> 82! Is he still worth keeping on to or is it time to sell?

Sell I would think unless he gets a move.

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3 hours ago, kylepearson said:

Brorsson 80 -> 82! Is he still worth keeping on to or is it time to sell?

I would sell

29 minutes ago, Dandie said:

Is there any chance Lindelof will rise again in the near future after his rise in March?

Thanks in advance.

I think it's possible but it'll depend on how he settles in at United.

5 minutes ago, hesselink said:

Which leagues are next? Any chance for Brazil Serie A, Ukraine?

Brazil won't be for a few months. Ukraine is a high possibility.

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5 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

Ukraine is badly needed- so many clubs haven't been updated, for example Metallist Kharkiv who don't have any players now. 

Usually it comes straight after the Russian review but not this time.  

You are right though. Actually Metalist Kharkiv no longer exists as a football club, it wound up & got removed from the Ukrainian league last year I think.

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Aristote Nkaka  70 ----> 78    20 yrs old

Trézéguet  82 -----> 84      22 yrs old

Mergim Vojvoda  76 -----> 80   22 yrs old


This rises you need too know.


EDIT: Finally Belgium ! Today is Excel Moeskroen and Antwerp. Nr. 15 and nr. 16. Also Cercle Brugge today from second division  (it's called 1B in Belgium)



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3 minutes ago, Huggy said:

Do you know if Trézéguet is returning to Anderlecht or remaining on loan at REM?

If returning to Anderlecht, how much do you think he'll feature?

No, he isn't returning to REM. For the moment Anderlecht wants him on loan to a better team. Hamburg SV and Kasimsaspor  (something like that :P ) are interested. He is not ready yet for Anderlecht.

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34 minutes ago, franpollo said:

Who sell ?

Y. Alvarez
Vitor Bueno
Isaac Hayden
Jack Stephens
G. Simeone
G. Barbosa
Aaron Martin
Marc Roca
T. Abraham
Marc Navarro
P . Zebli
C. Under


I think the question is who to keep. Pulisic, Iheanacho, Zebli, Nkunku, Upamecano, Cornet and Elvedi

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4 hours ago, franpollo said:

Who sell ?

Y. Alvarez good player but cancer's back
Vitor Bueno sell
Isaac Hayden keep
Jack Stephens sell if Van Dijk stays
Elvedi keep
Ramselaar sell
Pulisic keep
M.Cornet keep
Iheanacho keep
G. Simeone keep for now
G. Barbosa sell
Aaron Martin keep for now
Upamecano keep
Marc Roca sell
Nkunku keep
T. Abraham keep
Marc Navarro keep
P . Zebli sell
C. Under keep



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