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You should see a doctor mate, it's amazing what they can do for you these days  

Some of the stuff you see on here is honestly absurd, this second time i've now seen you have a go at someone because of ratings lol, if people come on here and provide threads for the benefit of hund

With regards to @hoochy koochy's post, I agree that this has become a catch-all thread for deals, buy/sell/keep and new players etc. I can understand why people would post questions that are unrelated

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On 2 July 2017 at 5:48 AM, Dasylver said:

I need a player that will rise from 85-87 in this July.The age should be between 18-22

Tbh, I don't think there's anybody in that age range who'll rise to 87 this July. The smaller leagues are getting reviewed and these teams have a lower squad cap. Morozyuk is 29 but should rise to 87 soon.

19 hours ago, kylepearson said:

Is Nemanjs Mihajlovic worth picking up?

Not right now

4 hours ago, EnglishPirlo said:

Seems like it'll be a very overdue Ukrainian league updated next. Anyone else believe Biesiedin has done enough for 83? I was expecting 82 when I got him a while ago but since then he debuted and scored for the national team as well as continued good form in the league. Champions league experience too. 

Have Biesiedin in my squad and i'm hoping for a rise to 83

1 hour ago, d5v1L said:

Any chances for a rise for Yarmolenko after being named player of the season twice in a row now?

I don't think so especially since Dynamo Kyiv didn't win the league.

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On Monday, June 05, 2017 at 6:04 AM, Sir Rahul said:
4 hours ago, arsenalrocs said:

Gonalons for just 5M is a steal. Has got to be one of the bargains of the summer.

Also, Zhang Yuning to WBA. Was in the very first list of Eredivisie risers.


Can he get 91 in roma now next season, or he is to old for that change?

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