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2 hours ago, Roachy said:

another player I would like opinions on is roma alessandro florenzi seems he can play everyware but at 91 is he one that can go up from that is he worth buying

He had a serious injury last season & will have to wait time to be at his previous level, good thing is that he can play multiple positions like you said, what is always good in a game like that. Stay 91 more possible, but still could be a good player to buy. 

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With regards to @hoochy koochy's post, I agree that this has become a catch-all thread for deals, buy/sell/keep and new players etc. I can understand why people would post questions that are unrelated

Brazil 50 Players, enjoy! Bruno Pacheco Age: 25 Position: D , DM, M ( L ) Club: Atletico Goianiense Rating: 77 Predicted rating: 80 Started 29 games. Correa Gilvan Age

You should see a doctor mate, it's amazing what they can do for you these days  

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2 hours ago, shangar said:

Hi folks


Thanks for all of the suggestions.  Our Gameworld has a setting applied that does not let us purchase from unmanaged clubs within the Gameworld, making it somewhat infuriating at times!  Below are a few comments on the suggested players -


Mbappe – Already purchased by a managed team


Dembele – At an unmanaged club.


Asensio – Available, but £28m


Lemar – Available, but £28m


Gabriel Jesus – At an unmanaged club.


Werner – Already purchased by a managed team


Martial – Available, need a bit more cash.


Rashford – Already purchased by a managed team


Coman – Transfer banned until 1st of November, also at an unmanaged club.


Pulisic – Already purchased by a managed team


Havertz – Already purchased by a managed team


Vlasic – Just purchased by a managed club,




Gabriel Jesus would be the one in my eyes.  Right price, plenty of potential, ticks all the boxes.




I think I may have to reassess & look for players in the high 80’s as they will be affordable, & open to rating increases.  Any suggestions here are more than welcome.






If it's Ousmanne Dembele then him for me all day long 

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1 hour ago, Third said:

Bruno Jordao (73 rated/ 18 years old) added today to the database. He was recently signed by Lazio among Pedro Neto & is Portugal youth teams international, looks like a promising player according to what I heard. 

Thanks for letting us know he's now on the database. I've been waiting since the joint transfer to Lazio with Pedro Neto went through. Promising prospect as Third said. Socca :)

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Early analysis update of prospects at Lille in France

First whose not doing as well as needed, so consider selling?:-

Soumaoro not played ie 0minutes out of 450 possible

Thiago Maia got sent off last night! played 257mins out of 450 so far so minus 3%

Doing better so far

I Amadou (24/85) 450 mins out of 450 Plus 50% more minutes presently.

N Pepe (22/82) 270 mins out of 450 Plus 24% more minutes presently

Yves Bissouma (21/78) 348 out of 450 Plus 64% Ditto

Luiz Araujo (21/78) 406 out of 450 Plus 77%

Maignan new G/keeper (22/82) 333 out of 450 Plus 38%

K Malcuit (26/85) 289 out of 450 Plus 14%

F Ballo Toure (20/73) 206 out of 450 Plus 39%

Y Benzia (23/85) 307 out of 450 Plus 18%

Remember this is ONLY after 5 games, early doors. 

Example: Luiz Araujo If he has zero minutes in all next 5 games he would still have Plus 32%.

Hope it helps Socca:)

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1 hour ago, Krooss25 said:

Thoughts on victor lindolf? And inheancho?

Lindelof, thought he would play more but looks like this season could be an adaptation to Premier League (similar to the one Mkhitaryan had last season). Still should be an important of United & Sweden national team in the upcoming years. 

Ihenacho, good player but haven't show all he show with Nigerie youth teams, for the moment he's not even starter at Leicester City.

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25 minutes ago, Rahul said:

Could u please list out players  who are in for a very big rise  by the next review? Have 600 K left .  Trying to make some money in a very competitive  gameworld.

certainly for the big Leagues U will have to wait until nearer the review Rahul.

Example Amadou about 4 posts back: If he continues to play every game (100% minutes) he'd probably go up from 85 to 87. BUT if he missed the next 5 games completely for any reason (Injuries etc) & the review came then (very early) he would NOT get a rise! So it's looking great for a rise now but could disappear by the review.

Just look at the percentages shown & it gives a picture, your best guide. I will be doing more updates every week though I'm not sure that many now see them, after the departure of arsenrocs & your almost namesake SIR Rahul.

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1 minute ago, Mohanned said:

I have a some kind of retarded question about the offers if I my opponent made an offer to my player will it affect him in any way on the pitch 

No & if you put a player on transfer list No as well. It's all down to SM's Match Engine which is retarded in its own right & could do with some new "Engine Oil" itself. Don't worry :( Be Happy :) like Socca :)

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