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Worldwide Risers

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On 29/10/2017 at 10:35 AM, Third said:

Oztunali is doing pretty well but Mainz are in a middle/lower position, 50/50 I think. 

I think Tolisso +1 to 91 and Philipp +1 to 88 more likely, but if SM are generous he could get 89 too

OZTUNALI got an 88. Very generous.

We will surely see if PHILIPP is an 88 or 89 tomorrow. Looks promising for an 89 IMO.

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3 hours ago, Cvilhete said:

any rises for bakambu, rodrigo, santi mina, willian jose and sanabria in the upcoming reviews?

Maybe Sanabria +1, the other I don't think so.

You might want to check yourself though :) There are 2 threads predicting the big leagues. ;)

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14 hours ago, shangar said:

Which league is due to reviewed after Germany?

Will probably be England - Loftus-Cheek got a rise today. Here is the order in previous windows:


Nov/Dec 2017: France, Germany...
May 2017: Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy
Dec 2016/Jan 2017: France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain
May 2016: France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain


Edit: Back to Italy. So last two will be England then Spain. No idea why they did Loftus-Cheek so early.


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