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1 hour ago, Sir Rahul said:

yeah they started today. 

Tomorrow will be day 2 of Inter, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Milan; day 1 of Juve. And so there is still time for Icardi.

But knowing SM they will get started with England/Spain tomorrow too.

Then day after Juve day 2 and we are done with Italy.


So tomorrow's the big day for Italian changes. Napoli better get their deserved changes.

Excellent info, cheers mate! Still holding out for Icardi 93 then, but I don't have much faith.

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19 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

Need some advice on a deal guys.

Rodriguinho, Edmilson Junior and Baptistao for Freuler and Tagliafico

Which side?

It probably depends on the make up of your squad. I would just go for the first three if you don't mind losing a couple of better players though.

But I would probably sell and buy some other players (if any at all are available in your game world).

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6 hours ago, rbb said:

Guedes, Soler, Odriozola, Rodri

I would say Unai NUNEZ, Theo HERNANDEZ, Aaron MARTIN and maybe Andreas PEREIRA. Should all get a +1 or +2 (I hope!). Unai NUNEZ in particular has shone and is due for a massive rise. I raved about him earlier in the thread, but he continues to out perform LAPORTE in most of the games that Bilbao have played this season. Zero to hero...and destined for big things IMO. Remember the name!

The big question is SALAH for the Prem. Do you think it will be just a +1 or +2. I think HAZARD and RONALDO were the last wingers to be the league's top scorer by this point in the season...it doesn't happen very often. His output has been immense. The 'Muslim Messi'.

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11 minutes ago, d5v1L said:

Toby alderweireld

...is clearly the better player and in his prime...

11 minutes ago, d5v1L said:

stones + angel correa.

...are both excellent (fairly) young talents with many years (and potential for rises) ahead of them. Both play fairly regularly for big clubs that are arguably doing better than Spurs.

11 minutes ago, d5v1L said:

Can stones and correa reach 91 at the end of the season?

Possibly, although being conservative, I think that 90 would be more likely. I would still chose CORREA and STONES over ALDERWEIRELD, even if they were to achieve just 90 by the end of the season, because of their youth and potential and the likelihood that they will continue to rise because of their current and past performances and the teams that they play for.

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No excuses, if that is the end of the Italian review then it is pretty awful. 

I always complain about inconsistencies, and there have been plenty of them, but worse than that is the fact that they have rushed through the teams so fast. They have missed countless indisputable rises and falls.

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On 28/11/2017 at 1:31 PM, kylepearson said:

Big risers in la liga?

Rodri Hernandez 83 > 86/87

Carlos Soler 83 > 86/87

Unai Nuñez 80 > 85 (But I think he won't be on the lineup at the end of the season when Yerai is ok)

Alvaro Odriozola 82 > 86/87

Kevin Rodrigues 76 > 83

Leandro Chichizola 82 > 85

Kepa Arrizabalaga 87 > 88/89

Pablo Maffeo 80 > 84

Theo Hernandez 87 > 88/89

Dani Ceballos 87 > 88/89

Achraf Hakimi 77 > 82/83

Thomas Partey 86 > 88

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