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5 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

no way more

Conflicted. On the one hand, he is much improved from last year and seeing much more game time. On the other hand, is he really TOLISSO, KIMMICH, KEITA level yet? Then again...the likes of KOVACIC is already 91...so who knows!!!

7 hours ago, kylepearson said:

Stones, Rudiger and maybe Jones to 90. 

STONES and JONES have definitely earned it IMO.

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20 hours ago, Cvilhete said:

Some of the stuff you see on here is honestly absurd, this second time i've now seen you have a go at someone because of ratings lol, if people come on here and provide threads for the benefit of hundreds of people to use and help with their clubs on sm, why can you not just appreciate it and move on. first it was rahul couldn't contribute anything to sm because he gets a fair few predictions wrong, well fk me what do you expect from a kid who is reviewing practically every relevant league in the world, he is going to get every prediction right? now you're having a go at this guy because he puts a question mark on some players potentially rising, bloody hell what a crime. its shame not everybody is as smart and has the mass football knowledge as the great JMH. literally the most egotistical guy on the forums iv'e come across topped only boy Talentsearcher, seriously get your head out your own a** come back to earth and reality where when people make predictions their is a possibility they could be wrong. maybe you should look up the term constructive criticism and stop insulting people who put a lot of hard work in purely for the benefit of others and their love of the game. Good day to you sir. 

People whine, i only offer my side.

I havent insulted anyone, if they catch a few feelings about someone disagreeing with them, well its not that deep.

Burnley today was toss, not good enough SM

Huddersfield should be still to come, have patience

Walcott definitely -2, if Rooney is 89, Walcott should be. Id give him 88!


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1 hour ago, BrutBrutBrut said:

The only thing that you have written that I agree with.

I saw WALCOTT's 91 the other day and though 'whhhhhhhat?'

Plenty of the old England hanger on'ers need to drop. Sadly Studge is an immenent drop too but i hope he stays fit and can still do a job for Liverpool - if not for someone else.

i do my best work here


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2 hours ago, hesselink said:

Mexico maybe, so many updates on soccerwiki?

They are public submissions so not an indicator. Some of the top 20 scouts are committed to updating whole leagues to be factually correct.


13 hours ago, hesselink said:

How to predict which league is after Eng and Spain :confused:

In no particular order:

South Korea

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