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INTERNATIONAL Premier League (NEWEST Custom for Forumers)

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You're right, and that's the last thing I want when creating a new GW, is a flaky manager.   I don't know you Dhruv. I just met you on SM, an online game, and it's like you want to run my show.  

I'm still in. So is PSG available?

Alright fine. I feel bad anyways. It is kinda stupid, and was kinda joking as well, in a rude way.   Just don't be pushy man. Don't know where your from, but where I'm from, that's rude.   Like yo

3 hours ago, dhruv5588 said:

So, are we full here jason?

Not quite yet, and I just got my old account back, for some reason, because my footballz account won't work anymore, until I get a new password from SM, because of this new update.

So, any updates on the first page won't happen, so I might have to create a whole new thread.

Which, I will wait to do, until I know I'm not getting back footballz.

They banned this account, ages ago, because I called SM out on how stupid they are and where they are going with their products. And, asked for a refund, which they don't like you to ask, because then other people will follow suit, I guess.

Stay tuned amigo...patience.

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Alright guys. I created a new thread for this, as I can't edit the first page, without my account, that was blocked from signing on when they made the new layout for the forum.

Luckily, like I've said before, they gave me back my old account.

Got you on the new one Divljo as Austria.

We are at 24 so look for the ID soon.

I'm not going to post on this thread anymore, and I'd like y'all to not as well.


Look for International Premier League.

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