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New European Championship (Come join Hammer and be the best of the best)

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again nice one mate thats three already the quicker this prosess is done the quicker ill get this up and going also AC Milan and Zenit are still free if anyone wants in shocked as AC will have at least 35m to start with

Hammer, I'm the AC Milan manager. I see someone else was interested in Inter so I changed my choice. IIR is the Zenit manager.

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Sup guys !


I would like to join as well. If no clubs are free atm, i'd like to be first of the bench.


Wouldn't it be a good rule to establish a maximum squad size teams have to stay below ?

I've seen this emerging as a problem in other smaller setups. Couple teams hogging all the youth players, literally 100 of them, making it extremely difficult for the smaller teams to improve.

A max squad size can make bigger clubs decide to sell interesting youth players as they need to weigh who to keep all the time. 

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