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From Rags To Riches V. - The REAL Challenge.

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I thought most people's preference was original squads but I am now doubting myself.I think it would work well if everyone started with empty squads since we will all start on a level playing field.

As for clubs if people want to choose there own I am happy with that, less work for me. Do I open up the club selection to clubs world wide or just British clubs?

worldwide for me.

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You can get out of bed and leave the house now Matt, you won yesterday and it doesn't look like you will be playing Bury next season. Now have a shave , a bath, feed the dog and make a new custom

No rating cap since it won't be required since most teams are going to be poor.

We all know you choose a naff club because you can use it as an excuse when you fail. Well not this time since we all start with empty squads.

I prefer British but will make special allowances for Smut because, well, he is special but not in a good way.

As for increasing the budget well season 2 was going to be 35 million for empty squads. Since managers were going to have 15 million and a max squad value allowed if 20 million that equates to the 35 million given for empty squads.

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I'd like to join, i'll even promise not to mention that the Sunderland and Middlesbrough play in a different league.


I would go with empty squads as everyone sells off their original squad at the start.

I suggest that you turn off concerns, sm havn't got this sorted and we won't be building big high rated squads .

Economy - the higher you set it, the easier it is going to be for the 4 promoted to keep getting promoted, that means teams not promoted the first season not being able to catch up, which might lead to managers leaving.


I'd like Norrkoping if i am allowed to join.

I suggest you tread very carefully my friend. If you are wanting your odd named club then it would be best not to suggest those other north east clubs.

I will turn concerns off and I will allow buying from unmanaged for season 1 as there will be a few gems worth picking up. I will also leave economy as Normal for season 1. These can all be reviewed before season 2 kicks off.

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Since the current version of R2R that I'm in is coming to an end, I'm opting to join another one, if still possible?

Classic setups these are, so you should probably just keep the concept as it is. However, as noticed in the version I'm in now, once a club gets promoted ahead of others, it's often hard to keep up with them. Not sure if there's anything to do about that, but if we could make the race to the top in any way more challenging and competitive, I'd say that's a win. 

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Bummed af for missing this!

I love these R2R setups and have stuck with all I've been in till the end, including the one that's still alive today. Since as per usual, people take forever to pick their clubs, I'm gonna declare my interest again to Matt and choose Bristol Rovers in case there's a last minute dropout.

If someone takes too long to accept their club, please just offer it to me, Matt!

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