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Long term U23 league

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Hi everyone,


Since the last youth oriented setup I joined also seems to be dying down, I decided it's time to start one myself. These leagues are really only interesting in the longer run, but due to the never-ending flow of new young players will also always remain interesting for new managers to join later on. So I think it should be possible to create a long running setup like that, presuming we can start with a solid group of committed managers for the first couple of seasons.


I'd like to use this topic to collect all ideas on what makes the setup the most viable. In my opinion the basic rules should be no buying over 21 y/o or 78-rated, all players over 23 (maybe 24?) should be sold, and a squad cap of 25 or maybe 30. Any input on other rules, number of teams, suggestions for clubs, what type of league setup, etc.


I've already got a couple of managers who've expressed their interest, everyone feel free to join in if you're interested.

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I'd be up for this, Laura, as I had stated in the newsfeed of Noisy's defunct under 23 setup.

A good idea would be to adopt very restrictive stadium caps (I'd say 5k, but 10k would also be okay imo), just in case you want to tweak the rules along the way, even tho I believe the 78 signing cap should never be changed. I'd say make the setup as short as possible (10/12 teams).

Squad cap of 25/30 players would be advisable in order to prevent player hogging. I'd let people buy players up to 23 yo and keep them till they turn 25, as it rewards good scouting. It would have to be empty squads, 30/40M starting budget and very rich economy, I reckon.

An interesting idea would be to implement a prize system: like the league winner would be able to buy 2 78- rated players from managed clubs. The cup and shield (if there is one) winner would just get 1 prize player.

I'd like to pick Fimleikafelag Hafnarfjordur (FH) from Iceland, if possible. :P

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Don't know if this thread is still alive, but I'm in a GW with this aspect at the moment :


Game World ID: 98386 


These are the rules :


Want a challenge? you have came to the right place. Everybody is a small team you can only buy players upto 84 . You cannot pay over 5 million for a player because im evil and I want to see you suffer. You man enough to play my evil game? woohahahahaaaaa

It is realy a long term trip, but it is realy fun, though it lacks a squad cap indeed

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