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Pat's Euro League (ID 338046) - with side rules

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1) Max squad cap of £400m / 30 players (includes loans in & out)
2) Bottom 2 in Div 1 must sell their top rated player externally at the end of the season
3) If signings or risers take squad value over £400m / 30 players then top rated player must be sold externally asap, and must be removed from match day squads until sold. 

If top player ratings are equal then player with highest value to be sold

Outstanding enforced transfers:  

Aubameyang (Inter) once his TB expires 18/03


Budget Increases (capped at £450m)

Div 1 1st - £10m / 2nd - £7.5m / 3rd - £5m

Div 2 1st - £5m

Div 3 1st - £5m

Domestic Cups - winners £7.5m / runners up £5M

ALL relegated teams lose ALL current budget increases. Must be applied before Game 1 kicks off.


Season 1

Man City £15m (Cup W, Shield W)

Juventus £12.5m (Cup RU, D1 RU)

Real Madrid £10m (D1 W)

Liverpool £5m (Shield RU)

Bayern £5m (D1 3RD)

Atletico £5m (D2 W)

Everton £5m (D3 W)


Season 2 (not yet applied)

Barcelona £7.5m (Shield W)

Juventus £7.5m (Cup W)

Lazio £5m (Shield RU)

Man City £5m (Cup RU)

Div 1
Real Madrid - Billy Salmon (£410m)
Bayern Munich - Pat Roper (£405m)
Man City - Dhruv Patel (£415m)
Man Utd - James Foster 
Chelsea - Branislav Toskovic
Juventus - Thumbs Up (£412.5m)
Atletico Madrid - Benjamin Skalonjic (£405m)
Zenit - Nabilah Ayu
Div 2
PSG - Jeff Smith
Barcelona - Asolole Coy
Valencia - Abbot Ale
Arsenal - King of South
Dortmund - Stewart Henry
Inter Milan - Neymar Jnr 11
Bayer Leverkusen - Michael Hudson
Everton - Adam Harrison (£405m)
Div 3
Tottenham - Steve Hughes
AC Milan - Mike Sandwell
Liverpool - Jared (KopStar) (£405m)
Roma - Tharanidharan Palanisamy
Napoli - Vito Naples
Lazio - Ian Johnston
Benfica - Antonio Maio
Sevilla - Herbert Mee
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SIDE RULES 1) Max squad cap of £400m / 30 players (includes loans in & out) 2) Bottom 2 in Div 1 must sell their top rated player externally at the end of the season 3) If signings or

Today Juventus Football Club bids farewell to Higuain and Chiellini.    

If any of you have to say something or ask, please use the forum and not the GW newsfeed for few days. Any message in the newsfeed will get washed away by the floods of transfer news. 

Posted Images

Juventus manager ThumbsUp had his say after the unrest in the dressing room, " players such as chiellini, higuain, evra are top notch players but everbody has a price and we will listen to them. As long as it's reasonable and falls in line with my plan I will not hesitate." ThumbsUp also added "I have my plan and I will not be afraid to make them. Its harsh but that's modern football." He concludes.

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If you are interested higuain,chiellini, evra and many more are for sale! I need to have a look at my team. Have you got any plans for kimmich? I am interested in him.

He is a young player I like also. But I like Coman even more. We could possibly do a deal involving both players?


However, we would not be able to put the deal through until we are both below the caps

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Used to be very active in the past. Will see how this will turn out to be. Atleast no selling players for me for finishing last :)



Is a question on that too. Why only division 1 and not the other 2?

I did not want to punish teams lower down. I felt they would have been more likely to resign & leave. 

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Earlier the news of an overhaul of juventus squad was doing the rounds. And now Juventus manager ThumbsUp have confirmed to the media that Higuain, Marchisio, Chiellini, Khedira, Evra, Alves are up for grabs.

ThumbsUp had this to say, "yes the rumours and the names mentioned are true. It is about building a team according to my plans and also looking to the future."  He further added, "many more will leave once I see the team when I am officially announced as the manager. But only when we find suitable replacements". 



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