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Pat's Euro League (ID 338046) - with side rules

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SIDE RULES 1) Max squad cap of £400m / 30 players (includes loans in & out) 2) Bottom 2 in Div 1 must sell their top rated player externally at the end of the season 3) If signings or

Today Juventus Football Club bids farewell to Higuain and Chiellini.    

If any of you have to say something or ask, please use the forum and not the GW newsfeed for few days. Any message in the newsfeed will get washed away by the floods of transfer news. 

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1 hour ago, Tharanidharan said:

What about buying from unmanaged clubs? Is it active? 

Yes you can buy from ANY club providing you are under the caps

You will NOT be able to do player exchanges until you are under the player cap of 30, as it counts as signing a player. I am a bit too clever for that one.

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4 hours ago, Tharanidharan said:



2 hours ago, georgie34 said:
1 hour ago, georgie34 said:

The Zenit & Lazio managers have been able to apply freely. It appears once the GW is open I lose the right to allow people into the game

Those are SM bots to show that the GWs is full of managed clubs. They will leave after 30-45 days !!

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