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Pat's Euro League - with side rules

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The main thread to this game is under European Championships
1) Max squad cap of £400m / 30 players (includes loans in & out)
2) Bottom 2 in Div 1 must sell their top rated player externally at the end of the season
3) If signings or risers take squad value over £400m / 30 players then top rated player must be sold externally immediately

If top player ratings are equal then player with highest vale to be sold

You can NOT start signing new players until you are under both caps!

Rewards (budget increases)

Div 1 1st - £10m / 2nd - £7.5m / 3rd - £5m

Div 2 1st - £5m

Div 3 1st - £5m

Cup winners - £7.5m / runners up £5M

ALL relegated teams lose ALL current budget increases

Div 1
Barcelona - Tharanidharan Palanisamy
Real Madrid - Billy Salmon
PSG - Jeff Smith
Bayern Munich - Pat Roper
Man City - Dhruv Patel
Man Utd - James Foster
Chelsea - Branislav Toskovic
Juventus - Thumbs Up
Div 2
Atletico Madrid - Benjamin Skalonjic
Valencia - Keith James
Arsenal - king of south
Tottenham - Steve Hughes
Dortmund - Stipe Jurjevic
Inter Milan - Neymar Jnr 11
AC Milan - Mike Sandwell
Div 3
Liverpool - Jared (KopStar)
Everton - Alb Pek
Roma - Sanyam Bagaria
Napoli - Paolo Ritchie
Lazio - Maxy Yang
Benfica - Abbot Ale
Sevilla - Herbert Mee
Bayer Leverkusen - Michael Hudson
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56 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:

I understand that we can buy players when our squad cap is less than 400M/30.. But

1.what about transfer windows 

2. Any limit on external transfers 

3. Buying from unmanaged clubs 

And so on.. 

There is no set transfer window

There is no limit on external transfers

You can buy from unmanaged clubs providing you are under BOTH caps

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1 hour ago, Tharanidharan said:

Also accept the application as soon as possible before tomorrow's match.. I'm from India and my timings might differ.. 

I can't accpet any more than four people until tomorrow at 2000hrs otherwise the game goes live.

Don't worry you have not missed anything because the GW is not live and active yet.

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No I mean once I accept the 5th person the GW becomes active. 

I gave everyone a date of Thursday 18th @ 2000hrs that the GW would be active, hence I can't start before.

We won't be full and we may have one or two managers who miss the start but everyone was given the same date, so it's only fair we stick by it.

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12 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:

Okay..  For example lazio  benfica Valencia everton zenit napoli are unmanaged.. So once you accept my request I can buy from those unmanaged. That makes unfair right? So what I'm suggesting that we can buy from externals but not from unmanaged.. 


Ask everyone's opinion about this.. 

I quite like the sound of that rule. Well is there anyone else that wants to add/oppose that rule?

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23 minutes ago, Tharanidharan said:


We have 24 teams in our GW and since we can do transfers only if we satisfy 300M/40 players,  I guess left out externals will be enough to strengthen everyone's own squad. So that we don't have to steal from other clubs and managers joining late will have some gud players in their squad rather than 70s..

Yes i see that and i agree it would be a good addition. Just a bit late. I have added this topic to the main thread to this game under 'European Leagues'. Join in on there and add to what people think.

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