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rules and regs. for cheats.

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Currently we have a kid that has over 40 clubs in 6 EC's. sm can't be unaware of this because many have told them about it, yet only 1 club was thrown out of 7046 but even then the account kept all the other clubs.Perhaps sm should remind themselves of their own rules.


Rules / Code of Conduct

  • We reserve the right to remove or suspend users at any time for any reason and without a refund of previously purchased items.
  • Some examples of reasons that may result in us removing or suspending a users account are listed below:
    • Continued cheating on the site, especially the transfer market section;
    • Trying to rig/fix match results;
    • Playing with more than one team in the same Game World;
    • Using multiple accounts to circumvent the one club per Game World limit;
    • Using the site in a way that we consider to ruin the experience for other users;
  • You agree to comply with the Web Site 'code of conduct' available at www.soccermanager.com/code-of-conduct.php, the rules of any game available on the Web Site and all other applicable rules.
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Is there any other way to contact SM other than the in-game reporting systems, which don't seem to have any effect? All I ever get is a message thanking me for reporting and that I will receive feedback once they have conducted an investigation. When I check my queries it just says that action has been taken.... but it never has.

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sm have had a list of 60 clubs in 6 gameworlds that are obvious and need to be banned, 5 or 6 others need checking against the banned ones to see who is behind it. Once that is done , it shouldn't take long to see if any cheating is still ongoing and who is involved.

But sm have done NOTHING.

their code of conduct needs changing.

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