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How alive is this forum!!??

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20 hours ago, smut said:

my guess is 30% still play and 10% use the forum.

sm turned out to be far more clueless than we all imagined.

Hey Smut


Yeah it was always possible when I was playing that they were clueless, looks like they've all but completely killed off GC's, shame really as I used to love playing this game and the forum feels like a ghost town now.

All that being said in going to give it another run and see how it goes.

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Lets try an experiment - don't prompt anyone, just do this yourself and lets see how active the forum is at the monet (and crucially if a bonded few like minded souls could band together to try and revive it).

As soon as you have read this - post the next number in order and you name. For example I post:-

1. Edmoses

and then when Paul reads it he posts: -

2. Smut

then Arfon reads that and posts:-

3. Arfon

well, you get the idea. I want to see how quickly we can get to 10 (maybe further who knows). I'm trying to gauge how many folks are actively around, how many are looking for a spark and ultimately is is worth us trying to get something going.

I'll get it started with my next post



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