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Whose still alive and kickikng?

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Like many, I miss the "old" days of thriving GW's and activity.


So I'm thinking is it worth some of us getting some of the magic back? before we get into that tho, lets try an experiment.

Posted you name and the next number in order - so the first post would be 1. Edmoses, then you would post 2. your name, the next person3. their name and so on .

I want to see how quickly we can get to 10 and beyond as a bit of a litmus test of how many folks are here, how many read stuff and how many/how quickly they post.

if there's a few of us it's a start - if there's not, then its obviously an end.

I'll go first...........

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2. rio31

My posts are down, because I was banned for about a year. :)

Was runnin on another name in the mean time, until I just got this back a few days ago.

I try to stay active and post on most threads about players, transfers, and most of my customs.

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Guys - your still alive, your still kicking - therefore you need to get on board with this......

This is it folks - the rebirth of all that was great and good about the forum and Sm in days gone by. It's happening just as SM are making positive changes and with good folks like your self involved we've every chance of a lively GW WITH an active, lively and above all craic led forum thread!

lets do this! There's just 11 vacancies left so get in there, register your interest and lets get crackin'!

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