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European Deadline Day

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24 European Clubs

3 Divisions of 8

European Champ Format

20M Starting Budget

Two Transfer Windows a Season (Turn 1-3 and 8-10)

GW ID: 339628



Bayern - Mr Noisy

Barcelona - Drseanfitz

Chelsea - Ashtini

Dortmund - Venk

Inter Milan - Fluffy

Leverkusen - Preppens

Manchester Utd - Gorbash

Real Madrid - Matt72


Come and join in... GW launched today including all Summer transfers.



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Spurs have made many changes and have gone mainly for the long term option in the hope that the gameworlds lasts.

ALDERWEIRELD went for Umtiti and 3.7m

ALLI,  went in a straight swap for Oscar

KANE went for Mandzukic and 10m

SON, Heung-Min went for cash to allow a few youngsters to be bought.

CASTRO, Rubén great back up at 1.3m

KONDOGBIA, came in with Dembele and Onomah going the other way.

ALLAN, Loureiro was a p/e deal at external with Vorm , Trippier and 4.7m going out.

HEINTZ, Dominique , BENASSI, MarcoLAXALT, DiegoMASINA, AdamLOZANO, HirvingSOUMAORO, AdamaTARGETT, MattELVEDI, NicoGRIMALDO, ÁlexSEMEDO, RúbenCARDINALE, YoannGRILLITSCH, Florian ,  AIT BENNASSER, Youssef and  SÁNCHEZ, Davinson are the future.

Just looking to stay in Div 2 this season so the 1-0 win at Milan was very welcome on Sunday.
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