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SM Dev (Andy)

SM Worlds - Change Log

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Changed on the 24th August 2016

Delete message icon to something more subtle and less prominent

Also changed the news feed comment icon to something sharper

Cog icon changed for account settings in top right hadond of screen

Standard and Gold Game Worlds has now been merged into a single My Clubs, with an Add Club box at the end of the list of clubs (or an Extra
Club Slots box if the user cannot manage any more clubs).

My Club now has a filter: All | Standard / Custom Game Worlds | Gold Game Worlds 

Player Popup: the club logo has been removed and replaced with the Rating, the Rating | Last Rating section has been removed due to the

Player Star Rating UI: The star behind the player rating has been removed except for the following places:

-Tactics / Scout Opposition Pitch
-Mobile: Player Database

Added the following push notifications

-You have received a counter offer
-Transfer offer rejected
-Transfer offer accepted
-You have received a friend request
-You are playing a friend tonight


Additional player instructions added to the tactics

Easier to see your friends profiles, history and trophies.
Easier to see what game worlds your friends play in
Easier to invite friends to SM and into game worlds you play in
Easier to see your friends clubs in a game world, using the friends icon
Easier to see which clubs are managed and unmanaged by displaying unmanaged clubs in italics

Player match ratings now shown to two decimal points in player statistics and player tables

Added nudge ability for inactive friends to invite them back to SM

Blue Stars removed from the Match Report

Competitions: your own club is now highlighted on the Tables screen.

SMFA Cup / SMFA Shield: Group tables are hidden except for the group the users’ club is within.


Change Log - 20th September 2016


Removed the coloured options within drop down boxes.


Change the green section headings to a subtle grey colour (desktop only at present)


Added a separator line on table lists on the following screens:

All Competitions screens where a table list of players, managers are displayed

All Transfers screen where a table list of players, managers are displayed

All International screens where a table list of players, managers are displayed

All Club screens where a table list of players, managers are displayed

All Game World screens where a table list of players, managers are displayed


Tactics on desktop: there is now a thick separator between your starting eleven and subs.


International section:

Competitions is now loading.

Mobile World Cup Finals is now working.

UI improved: group tables heading now has a grey border with an arrow on the far right to indicate it is expandable content,

World Cup Finals on mobile has been improved by adding a subtle corners to the stadium image and the stadium images no longer touch each other.


Mobile: the new UI buttons also shows feedback on mobile devices that a button has been pressed. There is also feedback when clicking Last Fixture or Next Fixture on the overview screen.


International Management Bugs:


Bug 2459 - Club facts empty on international fixtures

Bug 2461 - International Badge Advert (international)

Bug 2462 - Rules Button (International)

Bug 2463 - Contact Manager on active user Overview page (international)

Bug 2433 - International Squad - Duplicated players


Interface Related Bugs:


Bug 2508 - Option to go back not clear on overview page. - New user found it difficult to go back to see list of his clubs.

Bug 2094 - Mobile Tactics - Landscape orientation issue - players are out of place.

Bug 2333 - Landscape issue for new users flow.

Bug 2402 - Search Bar present at Player Profile, this allows user to search and make bids for player when they are not even in the club.


Club Related bugs:


Bug 1857 - Missing “Quit Club” button on the submenus (on other pages than Overview)


The above bugs have been fixed or were already fixed


Bug 2460 - Scout (Opposition International) Does not work - Error [ affects Gold Game Worlds only ]


Desktop Schedule: Result/Fixture Date and Competition Name is on the same row reducing scrolling height.


Desktop & Mobile Schedule: Friendly Fixtures are now copied into the Schedule tab (they still remain in the Friendlies tab). The [ 20:00 ] has been changed to use the text [ Preview ].


Added “News” screen to the club picker page.


Added friends activity news feed to the News screen.


Added ability to look at player changes / new players from the “News” screen.


Added a change log into the News screen.

Added top 50 managers section to the News screen.

Accept Friendly on mobile appears in the Friendlies tab and Schedule correctly.

Added the ability to Multi Select players on squad page and have the option to add the selected players to the loan list or to switch them between youth and first team.


Change Log 4th October 2016

Fixed tactics subs menu freezing the game when deleting subs.

Changed Layout on Match report area.


Changed layout on Match Preview area.


Gold shortlist now functioning correctly.


Fixed issue with not being able to see Sub ratings on the Match Report.



Change Log 19th October 2016

Change to the UI desktop navigation

Added stadium information modal to desktop and mobiles

Added end of season message

Advanced player search next and previous problem resolved

Multiple bug fixes



Change Log 23rd November 2016


Put a ‘Getting started guide’ button in the game for users with reps 40-45


Holiday mode back in  for GM


Select club area - Changed around so that busy game worlds more prominent


Select club area - ‘Featured’ gw in boxes


Select club area - Can tab through search results


Select club area - Speeded it up


Change email facility when registering incase they entered the wrong email


Cheating - The report cheating form improved


Unconfirmed emails - cannot pick a club without a confirmed email


Difference in features between Gold Management and Free Manager is more clear


No Ads for Gold Managers


When logging in it always takes use to ‘my game worlds’ not the club list (Bug)


Improved the GM package - Desktop ‘skin site’


Improved the GM package - Pre-paid ‘Unlimited’ Scout for any Gold Managers


Improved the GM package - Ensure Holiday Mode is made available for the old UI


Speeded up profile and friends area


Improved the current PM to be more like a chat


pre-match & match results pages - removed the club colours in the tm1 vs tm2





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'There are going to be many changes to SM Worlds coming in the following months that will move the game in many ways back more towards what it used to be in the years gone by.'

Great news! Really hope you follow through with all of this, and then focus on improving the actual game engine and game experience, not the UI.

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