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FROM A sm Dev.


Its been a long time since I have posted in the forum.

There are going to be many changes to SM Worlds coming in the following months that will move the game in many ways back more towards what it used to be in the years gone by.

The first thing and possibly the most important of these is the approach that we will take.  We will be a lot more engaged with the community going forward,, especially right here in the forum,  You are now going to see us about a lot more, just like you used to.  

Secondly we will be working through a whole range of issues to improve the game and forum.  Its your game and we want and need you to work with us to improve very aspect of it (including the forum itself).  We will also be very transparent on the changes we are doing 

Every few weeks a batch of changes will be placed in the game and they will be logged at the thread below.  We will also be asking for your help shaping the future changes we do.



It seems that every time you have come out with things like this, you have just gone and done your own thing, made the game worse, driven long term managers away and treated the rest us with such a lack of respect by never replying to us and locking subjects so we can't tell you what we think.

You have been told for many weeks about someone (might be more) that has many accounts in several gameworlds, all you have done is ban a few accounts and we don't even know if that is a permanent ban seeing as the last cheat you did something about is still playing the game with the same account. You have a list of 60 clubs from 6 gameworlds that don't need a lot of intelligence to see that they need to be banned, then there are few others that then need to be checked to see if they are the ones behind it, yet you ignore all the reports and information given to you.

We are not a community and if you wanted insist that those that play the game are, you people at sm are certainly not part of it, you have treated your long term customers appallingly whilst you have gone chasing money, conning an investment company that you are going to make them millions with a pathetic single player game aimed at 11 year olds, that you can't even bring out on time.

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9 hours ago, Elohim said:

I think it was said around the time that the new forum interface was put in place that it was an updated version of the vBulletin thingy and that it wasn't possible to return to a previous version.


was the vBulletin thingy before or after the vBulletin wotsit?

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