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CanAmJam: Boom & Bust!

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Hi everyone, the main thread has er, vanished :o so post everything CanAmJam related here for now until Craig sees if he can retrieve the main thread.

The gameworld was created earlier today, but annoyingly I am unable to offer jobs out for some reason so anyone who has not done so already please apply for your team - i.d. is 341872.

Edit: The word is that the original thread is officially gone (always a great thing to happen on launch-day :rolleyes:), so I'll edit this post when I have the chance with all of the main info.

For anyone looking to join up the main points are:

  • 5 divisions of 18; every available USA and Canadian team on SM, plus several Jamaican teams completing D5
  • only D4 and D5 teams can be managed in a race to the top
  • empty squads
  • £60m starting balance
  • very rich economy (as we expect some brutally low crowds in the lower divisions)
  • 4 up 4 down

Currently there is one spot in D4 (at London SC if I know you), otherwise any unmanaged club in D5 can be applied for.

Division 4

Arizona United SC Benjo_Benjo
Bethlehem Steel FC dan fransisco
Charlotte Independence Drseanfitz 
Dayton Dutch Lions Garry C 
FC Montréal Matt72
Harrisburg City Islanders Elohim 
Kingston FC EdMoses 
London City SC available
Miami United Son of Pluto
North York Astros HD
Orange County Blues HannahB
Phoenix FC Swanseajack 
Pittsburgh Riverhounds Machine 
Real Monarchs SLC Mr Noisy
RGV FC Toros Scrooll
SC Waterloo Region Pip 
Swope Park Rangers Preppens
VSI Tampa Bay Nick Justice


Division 5

Arnett Gardens available
Boy's Town available
Brampton City United available
Cavalier FC available
Harbour View JoeHTO
Humble Lions KopStar
LA Galaxy II available
Montego Bay United Craig
New York RB II available
Orlando City II available
Portland Timbers II available
Portmore United available
Seattle Sounders II available
Tivoli Gardens Whisperr Don
Toronto II available
Village United available
Waterhouse FC Adisbegic10
Whitecaps FC II available
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Hope this shows up clearly enough, systems were down at work today so decided to have a look through and see where everyone was at - be interesting to repeat this in a couple of months and see how it'

VSI Tampa Bay make major announcements after the arrival of new boss Nick Justice It was announced just a few days ago that English manager Nick Justice would take over at American amateur footba

Posted Images

52 minutes ago, KopStar said:

Hahah thats ridiculous. Whats SM doing? Maybe get a mod onto it (not that i have any faith in the system). 

I'll get all the info back up on the opening post at some point, it's more Nick I feel for as he'd put all that effort into that great post and a few others had done some lengthy posts too.

Regarding bidding: everyone from the original 21 who were interested are either now in or have been PM'd by me (in-game) asking that they apply for their club asap.

Was unaware of this, but apparently in an empty squad custom no bids can be made in the first 48 hours so looks like we should be able to bid by 6am (UK-time) on Friday morning - on the bright side that's plenty of time to get a few more bodies in and get those short-lists sorted! :)


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New bidding news
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As the bids get underway, might be worth bearing in mind that based on £20 a ticket, crowd income will roughly be:

  • if 500, 20x 500 x 17 = £170,000 for the season
  • if 1000 = £340,000
  • if 2000 = £680,000

Just 1 x 86 rated player at £18k x 36 = £648,000, 87's are on £936k and 88's on £1.296m.

Thought I'd throw that out there while everyone is going for the big stars - very rich economy might mean the tickets cost more but then again we are in D4/ D5.....there'll be other income too of course but just some food for thought! :D

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I got all happy and started bidding then came to the conclusion that I should go all out on specific players then thought about it and withdrew on a number of them in order to bid on more players that are average that'll make a better first and second team :) ...

When all are accepted etc...will be a big post for player by player so watch this space...

VSI Tampa Bay out

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2 hours ago, Machine said:

As the bids get underway, might be worth bearing in mind that based on £20 a ticket, crowd income will roughly be:

  • if 500, 20x 500 x 17 = £170,000 for the season
  • if 1000 = £340,000
  • if 2000 = £680,000

Just 1 x 86 rated player at £18k x 36 = £648,000, 87's are on £936k and 88's on £1.296m.

Thought I'd throw that out there while everyone is going for the big stars - very rich economy might mean the tickets cost more but then again we are in D4/ D5.....there'll be other income too of course but just some food for thought! :D

Considering whose involved in this setup,everyone should already be aware of this rofl


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53 minutes ago, Elohim said:

Considering whose involved in this setup,everyone should already be aware of this rofl


You would think....tbh it's more to make the point about potential crowd sizes rather than the wages - I suspect the crowds might be very small so for a 88-rated team you basically need to set aside £15m in wages.

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Judging on accepted bids I could be like this:


Guzan (86)

Montoya (87) Xabi Alonso (93) Terry (90) Albornoz (85)

Mooy (83) Rogic (83)

Leckie (85) Trossard (82) Druissi (85)

Torres (90)


Bench: Guilbert (84) Goodwin (78) Harit (76) Madger (76)

And bought a few super cheapies to fill out the squad. Hopefully get Terry as Ive got the same bid as Miami for him but I bid first. Team looks reasonable but lacks a spin until Mooy and Rogic get their deserved rises. 

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2 hours ago, Pip said:


? - Bartra(88) - Balanta(86) - Ismailly(85)


Antonio(87) - Paredes(86) - Laxalt(86) - Suso(86)


Got a Serie A trio in the midfield with Antonio & Suso on the wings.

Castro looks to be our main striker, definitely underrated.

Just need a right back and we are set

I cried when I saw this 

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VSI Tampa Bay should line up like this

Brad Jones(82)

Kevin Stewart(80)--Brendan Galloway(83)--James Tavernier(80)--Matt Targett(83)

--Nico Elvedi(83)--

Jack Grealish(83)--Charly Musonda(82)-Modou Barrow(83)

Alex Iwobi(82)


Felix Passlack(76)

Isaac Hayden(78)

Patrick Roberts(80)

Che Adams(80)

Andreas Pereira(78)

Jack Harrison(76)

Sebastien Llteget(80) (USA)

Alphonso Davies(65) (Canadian)

Conor Hourihane(80)

Hildeberto Pereira(78)

Went with depth still got a bid of dollar left, will try to improve once first round of deals complete, I had more bids on American and Jamaican players that were outbid so may look into that again once everyone's spent their money haha

Happy with that so far hopefully some risers and just players I like thus far really



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So far I've got :



Maicon (87) - Spahic (88) - Morgan (88) - Armand (87)

Xavi (88) - Pirlo (89)

Hoilett (85) - Nene (87) - Cornet (83)

Dolberg (77)


Quite happy with that, It'll change depending on who amongst the contested players that I get my hands on.

I've got a Canadian in Hoilett tho, Jamaican in Wes Morgan and an american in DeAndre Yedlin.. Yaaaay,

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Withdrew on a few players from the last post and changed my approach a bit. Have bids accepted on Grujic, Clemens Fitz and Ramos. Now we'll be looking more like this currently:


Guzan (86)

Montoya (87) Alborno (86) Terry (90) Bastos (88)

Fritz (87) Grujic (84)

Ramos (88) Rogic (83) Jorgensen (85)

Torres (90)


Bench: Decastro (70), Guilbert (84)  Trossad (82) Chillwell (78), Mooy (83), Madger (78) Goodwin (78) Harit (78) Muira (79)

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Not had a proper look yet.  Did some drunken bidding when i got home early sat am, withdrew some of them latet on yesterday.  Forgot to bid on loads of players i wanted.  


I know i have kaka and casteels. And think i have the more talented ofbthose 2 french brothers at atletico.  Hoping to have a proper look tonight.

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Really happy with my team...it may be not highly rated at the moment but in a couple of months it may well should/could be!  When my last 4 complete ...expect a long post of player by player report etc...You may well of seen my exploits in EC33333 with Bury so if you like em read it if you don't then ill be upset haha I just want to bring back life to the forum like it was between 2008-2012 :) hope you guys enjoy and best of luck when not playing VSI Tampa Bay


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-Harrisburg Announces Starting XI-

And so the time has come, all positions have accepted bids on them, and we can finally announce our starting XI for the upcoming season.


Johansson (83)

Maicon (87) - Spahic (88) - Morgan (88) - Armand (87)

Xavi (88) - Pirlo (89) (C)

Hoilett (85) - Nene (87) - Cornet (83)

Guidetti (86)


Subs: Beria, Yedlin, Luongo, Pohjanpalo, King, Klostermann, Kimpembe



All in all, I'm very happy with this team XI.

The original thought was to buy Tim Howard as a GK and thus have one American, One Canadian and one Jamaican in the starting XI but alas that didn't happen as we lost out on Tim Howard and completely forgot about the likes of Dempsey and Donovan.

Instead we find the swedish 26-year old Karl-Johan Johansson in goal for Harrisburg. An unknown name to many, but he has started all games for the Ligue 1 surprise package Guingamp this season, his strong start to the season has also awarded him with one of 3 spots in the Swedish national team, with some hailing him as the replacement for Isaksson. Sitting on a mere 83 rating, Harrisburg has bought this GK with the hopes of a +3 or a +4 by the end of the season. Which would mean that we'd have a high rated GK aswell as a GK that's young enough to continue playing.


Maicon, Spahic and Armand don't really need a further introduction. They're all veterans and have been part of the game for quite some time now. Their experience and ratings could prove invaluable for the upcoming seasons when Harrisburg fight for promotion. 

I'm especially happy with Maicon on the RB as He was the best and cheapest RB out there.


Next to him we have the Jamaican powerhouse that is Wes Morgan. 

With the value he had and the rating and age combination we felt that in this kind of setup he would be the perfect fit, especially with his Jamaican nationality. I always try and build my teams from the back as I prefer to have a strong defensive and i feel like that's exactly what I've been able to do here.

If we continue onwards to the midfield we've got legends Xavi and Pirlo there. I very much doubt we have to make a big introduction of these two as their trophy cabinets should speak for themselves.

Everyones favourite midfielder, Andrea Pirlo have been named the captain for Harrisburg and it isn't hard to figure out why.

Xavi was also a candidate for captain but he was very happy to become vice captain of Harrisburg and even tho they're both getting on a bit I'm quite sure that they'll prove to be worth every single penny we spent on them.

Xavi on corners and Pirlo on Freekicks...? Don't mind if I do!


Just behind the striker we've got a decent trio of Canadian Hoilett, brazilian Nene and the Lyon youngster Cornet.

Obviously I was very happy to have Hoilett join the team as he would provide the canadian part of the team and that's what the setup is all about for me tbh.

Nene was always a favourite of mine whenever he put on the PSG jersey and I still have alot of good memories.. His 87 rating could prove to be a gamechanger in the tougher games.

And then we've got the rising star on the left wing.. 19 year old Maxwel Cornet!

Shooting up like a rocket in Ligue 1 this powerful winger will rise, rise and then rise some more as he makes an impact in world football.. he's definetely one for the future and I'm very very happy to be able to present him as a Harrisburg player.



The strikers will be presented in a separate post TOMORROW.

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