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SoccerWiki positions and attributes matters while setting tactics in SM?

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Hello guys!

I need some help from the experienced managers.

We all are aware that SM got all the data from SoccerWiki. So, does a player's attributes matters when choosing tactics or formation in SM?

For e.g.

1. Juan Mata - AM(RLC)F(RL) - 'advanced playmaker'- Preffered foot left as per SoccerWiki.

does mata plays better at AM(L) position than AM(R) because of Left foot?

2. Eden Hazard - AM(RLC)F(RL) - 'Winger'

Hazard is Winger in real life as well as as SoccerWiki designate him. So, does hazard play at AM(C) as good as he plays at wings?

Ozil classified as 'Advanced Playmaker' , so does Ozil plays better than hazard at AM(C) if we use "use playmaker" tactics?

3. Lewandowski - 'target man' and Aguero - 'general forward' as per soccerWiki.

So, if I intend to use "use target man" tactics, is it better to use lewandowski as Target man than Aguero?

4. Busquet is 'ball winning midfielder' and Modric is 'Playmaker' 

So, does busquet underperform if we assign him "playmaker" while setting tactics in SM?

5. Pogba is 'box to box midfielder' as per SoccerWiki.

So is it better to put forward arrow on Pogba while setting tactics?


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