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Naingollen, Arda Turan, Yaya Toure, Santi Cazorla

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Hi guys, 

I am looking to buy in 2 of these 4 players. 

Santi looks a pretty sure thing as he is only costing me 14 mil and is a regular for Arsenal. Could be in for a +1?

The other 3;

Yaya Toure is obviously not playing for City but he would only cost 8.1 million. Is he certain to drop?

Arda plays pretty regularly for Barca even if he isnt in the main 11 and so im pretty sure he is safe at 92?

Naingollen, if that is how you spell it :P. I have no knowledge of serie a. How stable is his rating? He is an expensive option at 22 million. 


Kind regards, 


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Santi isn't a 93 imo, and doubt he'd get it given his age. 

Yaya is certain to drop and could even get a -2 to 90, like Schweinsteiger. Not playing at all, and the general decline means he'll drop. Decent short-term option though. 

Turan will keep his 92 imo given where he's playing. Picked up his form after last season.

Nainggolan's rating is stable, he's a beast, don't think he'd get 93 though as Roma can't win the league. But the best option out of the lot as he can play at DM, CM or AM.

I'd go for Santi and Nainggolan for some variety in positions. 

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It's been dead since May 2015, when they changed the forum layout, then they changed it a few more times after. People just lost interest- down to poor customer service. There are some left on the forum including me but not for long imo. The gauntlet is already laid down, it's slowly dying. 

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