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On 16/10/2016 at 9:13 PM, stevedxx said:

I have a good team just to mention in attack 4-3-3w i play reus suarez neymar...i won possession 57%..shots me 22 against 9..and only managed to score 1-0..why

hi there, again. you mean 4-3-3B, right? well, that's a more defensively oriented formation (1 striker, no amc)and if you play it in attacking and/or with a fast tempo against an opponent of similar quality then that's what you should expect. and if your opponent has an average rating of lets say 3 less than you and you're getting only 57% then there should be something wrong with your instructions because with the same formation under the same circumstances  i get ~65-70%, usually 53-55% against teams using 5 midfielders or the same formation (because opponent's formation matters) and with similar average rating. its true that the engine is changing but its for the better if you ask me. years ago it was all about ratings nowadays that's not exactly the case but what SM staff has failed to do is explain the new forces in the engine that cause this "unpredictability" or if they did then i missed it. on a side note, leverkusen and monaco both had a lot of shots yesterday but neither of them won.. now if things happened the way you want them this game and football in general wouldnt be any fun, would they

PS - i score the most with 5-3-2, followed by 5-2-3, both defensively minded but as i recall you're trying to make an attacking formation and score many goals? well, good luck with that, you're gonna need it. before the engine upgrade 3-5-2 was sort of what you're looking for but they nerfed it and now its pretty much useless. my advice is rather than trying to set your tactics to produce more shots, strive for efficiency. i've had matches where i got like 10 shots, 4 on target and 3 goals or something.

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