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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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49 minutes ago, sharkdan said:

Does anyone know Piere Kalulu? 20 yo RB SM rated 73. Ha has just signed for Milan from Lione

Highly rated RB. Lyon screwing up most of their contract renewals and this losing talent as always. May well challenge first team at my club Milan in coming season. Milan is a project in transition for a few seasons now.. I feel this will be the season and Kalulu is the type of talent we should be recruiting for the now and future. 

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14 hours ago, muallan said:

I'll try my best, here are some players on some of my teams that deserve rises soon, generally low-potential but should have enough to break the 80 barrier:

Patrick Mainka 77 -> 82 

Marnon Busch 78 -> 82 (unfortunately 2. Bundesliga hasn't been reviewed since ever and no indications they will in the near future)

Brandon Bye 78 -> 82

Pavel Bucha 76 -> 82/83

Lukas Provod 78 -> 80/82

Jackson Yueill 78 -> 82

Matias Vera 78 -> 82

Maksim Osipenko 78 -> 82

Jeremy Ebobisse 78 -> 82

Jack Elliott 78 -> 82

Marko Raguz 80 -> 82

If you're just looking for players that can jump from 78 -> 82/83 MLS is probably your best bet. The way the league is set up means that every year dozens of players make that rating jump.

Given that none of the smaller leagues will seem to be reviewed for a while also keep a lookout for players who move from a non-top 5 league to a top 5 league, they can get instant rises (e.g. Keita Endo when he joined Union Berlin, Demirovic after joining Freiburg) almost instantly. I'm hoping that Luis Milla can get a +2 since he joined Granada.

Hope this helps.

Yes i know i already invested in MLS, Ebobisse, J Elliott, M Vera, B Bye and Yueill! Lets seecif MLS gets reviewed soon, i think it was on agenda but has been now surpassed by the big 5 review! Thank you for the help!

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10 hours ago, Kurt angle said:

Do we think Patrick Schick will actually play at Roma next season? Tempted to buy him but if he doesn't play next season it is pointless.

I think he will stay on permanently at Leipzig. Both they and Roma are still in Europe, so guess they will only negotiate after that's done. 

9 hours ago, sirmarkhughes said:

I have a team of half full of oldies to try and survive the first season in the premier with Swansea. Things are going okay we are 14th with a seven point gap to trap door. I was wondering what are the chances of Marco Parolo  and Lass Schone keeping their ratings?


Also I could buy Kucka and Fazio are they likely to drop or keep?

Both of them deserve to stay. Kucka too. Fazio could drop.

9 hours ago, HAWKERS said:

Ocampos never got a rise in the end then or is that still to come ? 

We will see in half an hour

8 hours ago, jlammy said:

1. Kante + Griezmann for Mbappe? Well stocked in midfield (KDB, Kroos, Verratti, Busquets, FDJ), so Kante isn't that big a loss.

2. Rank Kante, Bruno, Bernardo Silva (as mids for a 4-3-3)?

3. Rank Griezmann, Hazard, Auba?

4. Will Fabinho keep his RB spot? I know SM is kinda unpredictable when it comes to positions but I swear he hasn't played there for god knows how long. 

Mbappe - Kante isn't a big loss and Griezmann has peaked

Bruno, Bernardo, Kante

Hazard, Aubameyang, Griezmann

While his last game at RB was in 2016 for Monaco, 99/344 career games have been at RB so I think that's fair. If anything he should not have CB (3 games all career there in 18/19, clearly just filling in) and CM (2 games, last time in 2017). 

D(R),DM(C) would be fair. Don't think SM will tinker though.

7 hours ago, sharkdan said:

Does anyone know Piere Kalulu? 20 yo RB SM rated 73. Ha has just signed for Milan from Lione

Worth investing 

2 hours ago, Arun said:

The last game was left in this league and I was second... What does this mean?image.png.2f058700d5b1a2b966a8b497a9107494.png

Should be back up soon

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On 6/26/2020 at 5:52 AM, Kierans91 said:

Players born between 2003 - 2005 currently not on the SM database.

List 4 of 5 is as follows:

Torben Rhein / Bayern Munich

Lenny Lacroix / Metz

Edouard Michut / PSG

Ilias Akhomach / Barcelona

David De La Vibora / Real Madrid

Martin Smolenski / CSKA Sofia

Youssef Chermiti / Sporting CP

Johan Bakayoko / PSV

Luca Oyen / Genk

Hannibal Mejbri / Manchester United

Final list coming out in the next couple of days!


Torben Rhein (17) added today MUST BUY!!!

@thorgan lesar will be doing a rapport in the coming weeks.

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On 10/25/2016 at 12:12 PM, Sir Rahul said:


Atletico Madrid:

Lemar -1 to 90- yes

Vrsaljko -1 to 88- yes

Sanchez +2 to 80- yes

Lodi +1 to 89- +2 to 90

Llorente +1 to 88- +2 to 89

Correa +1 to 91

Felipe +1 to 91

Perez +1 to 83

Werner -1 to 82

Moya +1 to 78

Tropi -2 to 78

Valera +3 to 76



Navas +1 to 90- yes

Jordan +1 to 89- yes

En-Nesyri +1 to 88- yes

Carlos +1 to 90- +2 to 91

Ocampos +1 to 90- +2 to 91

Fernando +1 to 89- +2 to 90

Fernandez +1 to 86- +2 to 87

Vaclik +1 to 90

Banega -1 to 90

Gudelj +1 to 88

Vazquez -1 to 88

Kounde +1 to 89

Torres +1 to 89

Pozo +2 to 85

Corchia -1 to 85

Mena +1 to 78

Sevilla, then. Wow. The Fernando +2 has surprised me considering he's 33. Reguilon will be done in a few days with Madrid.

Atleti done well.

Real Madrid and Barca coming up tomorrow and day after - get the popcorn!

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On 5/21/2020 at 11:52 AM, oronzodd said:

wish to add my opinion to say that nkunku is one of the hottest prospect of leipzig in bundesliga with 4 goals and 12 assists. those guys smashed out of CL the most rated tottenham playing one of most amazing football in europe. he is still 22 and i guess his raise depend on how far RB will go in champions. at the moment i think he should've already be 89, also accordingly how raises in ajax have been managed in the last solar year by SM.

talking about merino, he his the front man of real sociedad along with oyarzabal and they are 4th in la liga just 1 point from sevilla 3rd. i think his next raise rely mainly on how high will be their position in the end season. guess 90 if will be qualified to the champions, 89 if will be europa league.

lodi is one of the guys who trashed world champions liverpool using balls and heart like simeone likes. i wish to ask to this very competent forum: what if this guy was, again, playing for ajax and doing what they did? i guess he would be already 91. so i think that at the end of the season he will be 90 and feeling rightfully under rated compared with de light or van de beek.

agree about all the others aforementioned. as due said in the end, this is just my humble opinion.


sorry if i may look conceited, but i wish to repost my prediction about those three guys made back almost 3 months ago. with this i wish to underline that club achievement DO matter in this game, consequently expect some major update at the end of champions league.

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37 minutes ago, Cvilhete said:

probably my favourite setup to be apart of for sure! we could definitely look at starting it up again if the interest is there

I'd love to, honestly. Just need 16 managers. For the others wondering, this is what I'm talking about. @Cam Lucas

On 1/18/2015 at 5:25 PM, Cam Lucas said:

May only own players that currently are owned by a club in the EPL.

After that the buying mayhem will begin. The aim of the game is to keep it very fun and competitive by having to rely on the depth of players in the league not always form the best clubs. A player may only be bid on when IN-GAME, they show up as at a EPL club (RL transfers). Should a player leave the EPL, they must be sold for the first cash offer. Players CAN be played up to their TB date but must be sold straight away and are ineligible to play.

(This will mean relegated teams players all need to be sold after last game of season, likewise 3 promoted clubs players will all be eligible to buy after the Play-off final)

The winner of division one can mandatorily acquire any 1 EPL player rated 90 or lower that is at external or managed of his or her choosing. That team must then purchase the player by the end of the season unopposed. N.B stating a player and failing to sign him will result in a penalty.

Winner of div 2 much the same but it will any player, uncapped.

Winner of cup shall have the same deal but 89 rated. Keep in mind if there is 2 teams wanting the same player priority order is Div 1-> Div2 2->Cup

All clubs must have at least 5 players in the youth team at anytime per the leagues development rules. Squad cap will be 30 (min 5 youth team)

Aside from that the Player Poaching Bonus protocol will be as such.

- No team can lose 2 players in one season.
- P/E can be done if agreed on by both parties.
- Once stated you have 48 hours to object if you are a higher Bonus level and you want that player . If you object you MUST purchase that player. (can go faster if others pass)
- If you dibs a player, but do not complete transaction in this season, you will forfeit your bonus AND be ineligible next season due to obviously not caring enough :eek:
- You CAN steal another bonus holders players.
- Accept immediately. I will check if you have logged in and penalties will apply for stalling.
- Make sure you have a squad size of at least 22, as that will not be an excuse for not selling. Again Penalties.
- GK's Exempt due to being very tricky to negotiate and majorly crippling.

Over the Squad Cap/Buying a non-eligible - Must sell median rated player Immediately. That is to say if you had 5 players 89, 87, 84, 83, 78 then the 84 must be sold For first external bid. If there are multiple players on the median rating the oldest must be sold. If the player you sign is above the median for your team, the player that is the median between your best and the new player must be sold. Non-eligble must be benched and RELEASED when TB is up.

Under the Youth requirements - 48 hour warning. Will be Docked 3 points from the winners/div 2 bonus and will be ineligible to win the cup bonus. Youth squad will be minimum 7 for next season. To be clear it is 5 players in your youth team. They MUST be in your youth team in game. if they turn 22 in that season they are still in your youth team, but this must be rectified before new season ticks over otherwise your squad will be short and you will be penalised.

Failure to Sell a newly non-eligible player - As soon as a player has become ineligible must be sold for first external bid after TB ends. IF player TB already ended someone must post on the forum that they have noticed a newly ineligble player. Unless on holiday mode, that manager will then have 48 hours after the first bid on the player to sell. Failure to do so will incur a 1 Point penalty towards bonus competitons for every 24 hours the player is not sold and immediate disqualification from the cup bonus.

Players & Clubs
Me - RC Lens
Sir Rahul - Hellas Verona
Pedro - Juventus
Huddo - Sampdoria
Gozzy - Chelsea
Steve Alban - Espanyol
Tino - Metalist
TomOwen - Genoa
Gus Brar - Udinese
Bizness - Elche
KJKJ - US Palermo
Gabriel - FC Nantes
LauraAFCA - Chievo Verona
Cvilhete - Besiktas
Footie - Lyon
ToniKroos - Tottenham


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3 hours ago, T&T said:

Who would you choose Rudiger or Diego Carlos? Thanks  

Rudiger hasn't impressed me at all and I watch Chelsea often. Chelsea keep buying great attacking players BUT it's the defence that needs sorting. They concede too many goals. This is probably obvious to most, if not all, Premier League watchers. 

Anyway its Diego Carlos T&T!

SWIKI this morning edited 19th Brescia 7players, 17th Genoa 24 players, 16th Torino 22 players,15th Sampdoria 23 players and a few From Lecce, Sassuolo Cagliari. I'd call that quite quick by SM old standards and probably appearing in SM 4 to 5days. I probably need to get a move on with Italy to keep ahead but busy day to day. Will do my best...

Cheers Socca 😀

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