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Rahul W's rating predictions

Rahul W

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33 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

Eric Dier has won social media this evening 😂


For anyone who didn’t see the game against Chelsea, Dier went to the toilet halfway through the second half with Spurs 1-0 down.

After Dier’s toilet break Spurs went on to equalise and win on penalties 😂

There's a joke in there about making Dier less sh*t.

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On 9/27/2019 at 6:28 PM, thorgan lesar said:

I am pleased to announce that I list a "must buy" position by position. There will be a link for this in my OP to my Belgian thread. You can find them there yourself. I also distinguish between the players. First, some will be mentioned because of great potential and personal belief. Second, some will be named and will still have a rise. Finally, as always, there are players who are not yet in the database.

The purpose of this is to buy these players before they have a random rise and the "must buys" that are announced in the past are into 1 list. An overview.

Next days, next weeks I post position by position..


Right & Left Defender

Central Defenders 

Defensive Midfielders

Centre Midfielder

Attacking Midfielders 

Right Wingers

Left Wingers 

Centre Attackers



Tomorrow in 1 post all the must buys. :)

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On 10/25/2016 at 5:13 AM, Sir Rahul said:



Konoplyanka -1 to 88- yes

Patrick +1 to 87- yes

Matviyenko +3 to 86- +4 to 87

Dodo +2 to 85- +4 to 87

Tete +2 to 85- +3 to 86

Solomon +1 to 83- +2 to 84

Antonio +2 to 80- +5 to 82

Nem -1 to 84- -2 to 83

Bondar +3 to 76- +7 to 80

Moraes +1 to 88

Kryvtsov +1 to 86

Bolbat +2 to 85

Cipriano +2 to 78; +2 to 80

Trubin +8 to 78

Kudryk +6 to 76

Bondarenko +3 to 73


Dynamo Kyiv:

Mykolenko +3 to 86- +4 to 87

Tsyhankov +1 to 88

Kedziora +1 to 87

Shepelyev +1 to 86

Shabanov +3 to 85

Biesiedin +2 to 85

Karavaev +1 to 85

De Pena +2 to 84

Bushchan +3 to 83

Popov +4 to 80

Quite a good review for Shakhtar today!

Amidst the last of the Russian changes and some Ligue 2 rises too.

Aaron Hickey gets an unsurprising +5 to 78 too, deserved.

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11 hours ago, Adrihan said:

I change robertson for martial+Ruiz?

I have davies..

Davies should hit 91 this season so sure

10 hours ago, Kurt angle said:

I've been waiting about 86 years for my Russian and Ukrainian players to go up and now they've all gone up in 2 days. 


You know the saying, you wait for one Russian player to go up and 5 get rating increases at once!


Now what do I have to look forward too...

Haha, Switzerland/Austria

8 hours ago, ForzaVictory said:

I'm in need of a keeper and looking at finding one around 85-88 in rating with a chance of 90 in the not too distant future.

Any suggestions better than Aston Villa legend Pierluigi Gollini  who looks to have a good chance at Atalanta?

Gollini is a good shout

7 hours ago, The Finisher said:

Would you give Hazard and Sancho for Mbappe?

Hazard yes

6 hours ago, jlammy said:

Rank the 23 y/o 91 rated CMs: Bentancur, Barella, Pellegrini, Neves?

Neves, Bentancur, Barella, Pellegrini

24 minutes ago, Adrihan said:

Santos dodo ou emerson?

Emerson but I'm not too sure

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6 hours ago, jlammy said:

Rank the 23 y/o 91 rated CMs: Bentancur, Barella, Pellegrini, Neves?

Barella (I have a feeling Inter will have a great season), Bentacur, Neves (another feeling that wolves might start tiring after last season and this compressed season. So he might not do as well or be rotated a lot) and Pellegrini

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4 minutes ago, LauraAFCA said:

Anyone have any suggestions for young/low rated LB's that are making minutes atm? Preferably under 80 rated since I'm low on cash, so looking for potential risers. 

Jaybee has a good french thread showing the minutes played so far this season, not sure he breaks it down to positions though, but you will see the players to check up on.

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23 hours ago, jaybee said:


Possible that they are adding new players from Eridivisie? There are quite a few I've been keeping track of who are not on database.


Player Team Rating
Dest Ajax 85
J Timber Ajax 78
Schuurs Ajax 82
Ekkelenkamp Ajax 80
Gravenberch Ajax 82
Kudus Ajax 82
Antony Ajax 85
Lang Ajax 82
Traore Ajax 82
Sugawara AZ 80
Wijndal AZ 85
Aboukhlal AZ 78
Boadu AZ 85
Stengs AZ 87
Amofa Den Haag not on DB
van Ewijk Den Haag 73
de Boer Den Haag 70
Elmkies Den Haag 75
Rigo Den Haag 80
Besuijen Den Haag not on DB
Catic Den Haag 73
Caciano Emmen not on DB
Sidibe Emmen 74
Geertrudia Feyenoord 80
Johnston Feyenoord 73
Kokcu Feyenoord 85
Burger Feyenoord 76
Bozenik Feyenoord 83
Poll Groningen not on DB
van Kaam Groningen 76
Postema Groningen 73
Larsen Groningen 76
Suslov Groningen not on DB
van Hecke Heerenveen 76
Akujobi Heerenveen 70
Dewaele Heerenveen 80
Hajal Heerenveen 73
Meier Herrenveen 76
Veerman Heerenveen 82
Driouech Heerenveen not on DB
van Bergen Heerenveen 83
Van Der Heide Heerenveen 73
Knoester Heracles 80
Agca Heracles not on DB
Burgzorg Heracles 80
Teze PSV 78
Junior PSV 83
Ihatteren PSV 85
Sadilek PSV 82
Gakpo PSV 83
Madueke PSV 76
Malen PSV 87
Romero PSV 83
Lutonda RKC 73
Meulensteen RKC 75
Wouters RKC not on DB
Damascan RKC 78
Min RKC not on DB
Ngonge RKC 76
Duarte Sparta 78
Mijnans Sparta not on DB
Emegha Sparta not on DB
Markelo Twente 70
Oosterwolde Twente not on DB
Bosch Twente 70
Roemeratoe Twente 78
Selahi Twente 78
van Leeuween Twente not on DB
Danilo Twente 78
St Jago Utrecht not on DB
Arzani Utrecht 80
Boussaid Utrecht 77
Huisman Vitesse not on DB
Vroegh Vitesse 72
Broja Vitesse 70
Buitnik Vitesse 78
Openda Vitesse 82
van Dijck VVV 67
Jansson VVV 73
Linthorst VVV 78
Kohn Willem 75
van den Avert Willem not on DB
van den Bogert Willem 70
Spieringhs Willem not on DB
Ndayishimiye Willem 82
Dahlhaus Willem not on DB
Nunnely Willem 82
Pavlidis Willem 83
Yeboah Willem 78
Huiberts Zwolle 73
Pherai Zwolle 70
Reijnders Zwolle not on DB
van den Belt Zwolle not on DB
Tedic Zwolle 82

I would assume this is what will happen. There has basically been no football in the Netherlands since the league was reviewed last, so apart from a single hype train or transfer rise there wouldn't be anyone to review properly.

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On 9/24/2020 at 7:53 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

Liam Delap

Age - 17

Club - Manchester City

Position - Forward

Nationality - England


Born in Winchester, Delap started his career playing for Derby’s academy before signing for City.

Liam is a powerful runner who enjoys the physical battles with defenders, he’s not just a strong forward but a player who can knit the attacks together playing a big role in build up play.

To add to his power, he has a good turn of pace and great skill set being able to dribble in tight areas.

He’s the son of Rory Delap and many of you might ask ‘can he do it on a cold rainy night at Stoke’ or ‘Is he good at long throws like his dad’

Liam has recently been training with Manchester City’s first team and made it on to the bench for last night 3-1 win over Wolves.

I believe he has the ability to become a senior England international and could eventually lead the line on a regular basis. Delap has been capped at u15, u16 and u17 level so far.

Currently not in SM, but I don’t think it will be long.

SM rating - N/A

Value - N/A


On 9/10/2020 at 9:54 PM, Kieran_S91 said:

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Club - Manchester City (Dortmund)

Age - 16

Position - Winger

Nationality - England


Bynoe Gittens is the next super talented winger to potentially ply his trade over seas, likened to Jason Sancho he could be on the way to Dortmund.

With his lightning quick pace and his ability to skip past defenders it is easy to make the comparison.

I spoke of this player moving to Dortmund a month or so back and this could become reality in the coming days.

Any developments I will be sure to post about, watch this space.

When added to SM he will be a must buy!

Liam Delap (17) + Jamie Bynoe-Gittens (16) added this morning MUST BUYS

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1 hour ago, Nameless said:

Laimer or Klosterman?


11 minutes ago, Rossi4601 said:

Do we think Shakthar is done now? Surprised Moraes didn’t get a plus 1 at least with his goal scoring

Agreed but his age (33) and playing in Ukraine are probably factors. I had it predicted but by past history wasn't expecting. 

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23 hours ago, Soccahappy said:


SWIKI all over the place, possible SM Reviews with more Netherlands and now Switzerland and Division 1 of England

Clubs with BIG numbers of Edits:

Netherlands: Sparta Rotterdam, RKC Waalwyijk, Fortuna Sitard. A few from Heracles and Cambuur. 

Switzerland: FC Zurich, Schaffhausen, FC Sion, FC Luzerne, FC Servette, Young Boys & Basel...

Divison 1 Gillingham, Lincoln City, Hull C, Doncaster, Sunderland and Swindon Town ....

Also edited: Yan Couto of Man City

Phew! Swiki on steroids nowadays!😀


Good to see Ukraine and Shaktar Donetsk going thru SM today, tho it might only be them and Dynamo Kyiy?  

Switzerland continued with FC Lugano, St Gallen, FC Vaduz, Lauzanne

Austria: RB Salzburg also today!

Lower Tiers: Crewe, Oxford U, Plymouth, Fleetwood T, Blackpool... FC Paris & Pau Fc

Good to see SM's campaign of confusion not working that well and I'm still not sure about Netherlands as it would surely be too early? None today tho as u see above plenty yesterday. Swiki is faster but mistakes are being made! Russia yesterday SM was, a real low point in terms of mistakes and valuations even for U, (WHY: "Random Risers" in valuations too???)

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